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Boots Excitement for Sex and the City Make-up


I was at Boots today, just browsing the three for two section when I saw at the bottom of the shelf, Sex and the City Makeup! I was so excited, I immediately kneeled on the floor to have a closer look, I really wasn’t bothered about scuffing my knee’s on the probably dirty floor.

There is a lipgloss for each Character, my favourite Lipgloss is Samantha’s, a deep Red. I persuadaed my Boyfriend to get them for me for Christmas, but opened them early, shhhhh. I had a look on the Boots Website and there are other little bits you can get too, like Eyelashes inspired by the Characters, eyeshadows and a cute little compact Mirror. All the item’s are reasonably priced, the lipglosses were only six pounds, a sweet little bargain, maybe you could get three for two for your friends and keep one of the item’s for yourself! xx




If you are a fan of the Inbetweeners like myself, you definitely should check out this t-shirt on  A must for all you Will Fans!

First Night


Today I was looking back at my photos and other people’s and I got this feeling somehow after leaving London that I was seriously missing out. I love the way you can be who you want to be there. You’re anonymous all the time. Even though it’s such a minefield filled with people, it’s also so quiet too. I like the way at anytime you will be able to find a club open or a form of transportation. Every day you are spoilt for choice of where to go. I didn’t really make that many friends whilst there. Even though I had plenty of opportunities, I never really found people that I really clicked with. It sounds really strange but I treated London as my friend and I do really miss it now, even to this day. In the future I will make it my plans to return, to carry on exploring the hidden city. I want to find the Peter Pan statue in St James’s Park, go to the Notting Hill Carnival. Visit Ealing again and go to the Soup Kitchen which was a wise experience, one I will not forget.

When I was there I saw things and experienced what I never had done before. I had to grow up and learn to cook and clean. Due to me been quite reliant on my parents before this, I actually surprised myself and fit quite well into the single life. It was just me and I got this feeling of freedom and also loneliness. It wasn’t the right time for me then, but I wouldn’t take my time back with London ever.

As I said previously I lived in Holloway, North London. This place was my home for the next year or so. My room was tiny, it resembled somewhat of a prison cell. The walls were grey with the paint cracking off. I remember my first day when we were all queuing up to get our room keys, there was bossy parents, Fussy parents and my parents who were the scared one’s. My dad was talking to some locals as we were waiting for a car park space, warning him to not let me go to Finsbury Park, which apparently was a terrible place for danger. I beg to differ. After I settled my belongings into my new room, it was that awkward time when you have to knock on doors and find out who your new housemates are going to be for the rest of the year. There was only two of them in at that point. They seemed friendly enough, I left them alone so they could sort their own stuff out, promising we would speak later on.

Not impressed by the layout of the flat seen as it was already dirty from the previous students, I only wanted my own room back even more. As I ushered my parents to leave, they looked very upset, as I was too but not showing this of course. I just kept repeating that I was tired and needed to sleep.  The door closed and then silence.  I realized I was free to do whatever, whenever I wanted. I felt suddenly agitated; stuck what to do I did what anyone else would do,  go make an effort with the housemates, so I did, playing along with all that charades. We walked to Highbury Islington, which was about a mile away from us. Entering Upper Street, the streets were packed of young students, considering it is a trendy suburb of Angel. It was becoming so late now so we looked for the nearest pub. We saw some lights on the corner, a gang of smokers were blocking the entrance. So we fought our way through to a pub called “The Library”. I don’t know why we chose this one but in the end we did, I was wishing at this point that we carried on going.  I remember running into the toilets talking to my friend on the phone who was asking what I thought already to the new change, leaving them behind in the bar waiting  with my double Gin and Orange for quite some time. The three of us seemed to get on quite well; I thought maybe this could be a good year after all.

We got back to the flat; I lived on the second floor with a total including myself of five people. I was still waiting for the other two to arrive. I sat down on the bed and looked around, contemplating how I could revitalize this room, the walls were actually Grey, I didn’t think Dulux produced such an awful colour. I unpacked my belongings, made a ham sandwich and put on a film, trying to ease myself into the new messy surroundings. Turning off the TV, I just laid in bed waiting for the silence, but low and behold I was in London, what the hell was I expecting! Feeling lost I sat on the perfectly sized window that fit me sitting on it horizontal with my feet touching the other side. At this point I felt relaxed. It was the only thing that calmed me. I liked to hear the cars rushing pass, the passing conversations. The noises in the end become my lullaby. I knew at this point I was in a new frame of mind and a new place.

Top 20 Films of my time…


Okay I have decided I have always being a bit of film buff, so I wanted to share with you my top twenty films. It was quite hard to weedle it down but i have managed. The list is in no particular order so here it goes:

  1. American Beauty- Always my Favourite
  2. How to Lose Friends and alienate people- The only role I like Simon Pegg in.
  3. Muriel’s Wedding- A film that will always touch my heart, must have watched this on repeat thousands of times!
  4. Clueless- Fav Teen movie
  5. Breakfast Club-Classic
  6. The Beach-Crazy
  7. Driving Lessons- Ronald Weasley’s better role
  8. The Hangover- Amazing
  9. Thirteen-Love Rachel Evan Woods in this
  10. Legally Blonde- Ultimate Woman’s in powering film
  11. Now and then- Christina Ricci
  12. Career Girls- Unique
  13. Never been Kissed- Always a great watch
  14. All i want- Elijah Woods early roles
  15. Chasing Liberty- Mandy Moore
  16. Kidulthood- Landonnnnnn
  17. The Wedding singer
  18. Sex and the City- Its allowed
  19. Crybaby-Johnny Depp
  20. Slumdog Millionaire


That’s it folks, my ultimate top twenty movies. I hope you have enjoyed reading them. Let me know if you agree or disagree… In 2011 I have a list of movies that I’am planning to see. First on my list is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…



Barcelona the city of Art and long lived Passion. The city is warm and inviting and filled with luxurious foods. From a background of a well known cafe culture, the city is packed with a mixture of people. Street’s are packed with stalls and performers. My first day was spent looking at the La Sagrada Familia, a beautiful roman catholic church designed by the well known Architect Antoni Gaudi. Basing his designs on nature, his detail is spectacular. I took the lift to the top of it and overlooked the city, spending majority of my time in the amazing gift shop.

When I was walking around I was fascinated by the Spanish fashion, every woman having there own individual style. With attitude and confidence, the Spanish are great examples of an ideal woman. The city is home to a great art movement. Pablo Picasso spent majority of his twenties cavorting around the city. The Four Cats Cafe is one of the most famous haunts to Picasso with a  beautiful art deco design. The Cafe become famous as Picasso created the front cover for the menu. Looking around the Picasso museum was one of the highlights of my time there. Gazing at his fist sketches as a young boy whilst progressing to a professional painter. His famous painting Science and Charity was the most delightful piece to look at. I particulary enjoyed the Blue movement, unique for it’s time, in every room you get to follow his life story through his pictures. His last pieces were harder to identify with but nonetheless still important for his time as an artist.

The major thing I adore about Spain is there excellent taste in it’s cuisine. Tapas and paella was its most featured. The first night we spent it in a traditional restaurant surrounded by the widest collection of Tapas. Not usually a fan, I was easily swayed. The taste of the chorizo and parmesan were to die for. Every single item of food had the highest of presentation to it. You could tell pride was taken in the preparation of it. I was even impressed by the menu of McDonald’s, beer with a happy meal, now that is cool. Also never been a smoker myself I actually could appreciate the smoking indoors. The last night I went to a little quirky bar. Crisps and Spanish meats on the counter, you were spoilt for choice. The prices were ridiculosly cheap too! A beer was a pound, not even Wetherspoons could beat that price.

The shopping here was fantastic. Every street was jam packed with little shops. I even found an Underground Second hand clothes shop. It caters for everyone’s taste, not a specific. If only we had a bit more of individuality in England too. If I was more flushed for cash I would go on a huge shopping spree. I did find a great tights shop called Calezonia, which sold every type of Ladies tights that  could you imagine! I bought some great leg warmers with zips, would look great really with any skirt that you have and at a great price too of 6.95 euros.

I would definetely return to Barcelona, if not just for  the shopping. The city oozes excitement and the Christmas decorations were beautiful. I know I have mentioned the food loads, but the food was delicious. It has every country’s  cuisine, you’d be spoilt for choice. Gaudi’s bulidings were a must to see. The Sagrada Familia was one of the highlights and at night time  it’s a very  romantic setting. To go with a partner is the ideal city. It’s just a shame I didnt have longer to explore, but for the amount of time that I was present there for, I did manage to see alot.

Fame= Lame


This afternoon I had the delight in watching the new movie Fame. When I was younger I loved the Idea of going to a performing arts school and after watching the first Fame, expressed this love. Everyday just learning to perfect you’re chosen craft. But after watching the new movie, I was sadly disappointed. Seeing the adverts last year, I was really psyched to see the new musical. The soundtrack sounded great and the routines looked fantastic, however proving my theory of films just showing the best bits on the adverts! The characters were nothing but lame, as an audience there was not one character you could identify with. It just had the typical stereotypes such as the geek, Mr Nice guy, The jock, quirky girl, the fanatic, the bad kid and last but not least the Bitch. It was a poor attempt at producing characters from the Breakfast Club.

The songs in the movie were great yes, but Glee do the same thing every week on E4. The sequences were not that interesting and trying to incorporate a kid from a bad neighborhood was just a joke. The story just cut from one moment to another, it was freshman year and then Sophmore the next. There was no explanations of how the characters progressed with themselves and there friendships with one another. Obviously the film couldn’t show you every single detail but from the popularity of the first movie, I would of thought they needed to step up there mark a little bit.

Lorraine Williams Feature – I Dream in Clockwork


As I entered the Penryn Flea Market I could smell the vintage aroma in the air. Excited about the new and interesting buys I may find I had the chance to look at a variety of knick knacks, Cupcakes, Shoes, Books and Jewellery to offer.  However it was Lorraine Williams- alter ego Fondant Fancy who had the most unusual stall there by far. Not a stranger to Vintage fairs, this is her first event down in Cornwall. A woman of many talents from a Jewellery creator to cake maker, I managed to have the chance to sit her down and have a quick chat with the newest installment to Falmouth. Already the co-founder of “The Great Cake Escape”, the quirky host of Dr Sketchy’s Burlesque Night decided to swap the buzzing streets of East London for the quieter lifestyle of Cornwall, with no regrets leaving the Big City.

Having a huge amount of projects under her belt already, Burlesque is just one of them. Bringing the tantalizing art to Mango Tango’s once a month, there’s always fun and frolicking, life drawing, with all abilities welcome. Just last month Cherry Shakewell came down from London to host a great show with dances involving nipple tassels. Dr Sketchy’s is a place where you can come along and sketch some of the most beautiful dancers, express your sexuality and just meet new people, also with a cheeky drink or too.

“The Great Cake Escape” a project that first started in London, Lorraine joined a close friend on a street art project. Not sure at first entirely what it involved, afraid it may be some street performances, she was happily convinced into to creating brightly colored cupcakes with little polemic messages inside them. Scattering them around the big city, in the most convenient of places such as telephone boxes, letter boxes and window ledges.“People don’t really have the time and because London is so dark, the colour really stood out against the background” she says. Due to the massive success and great fan base on Social Network website MySpace, this then sparked her to hold the same event in Truro. Their success went onto even being mentioned in the guardian and in top Women’s magazine Elle.

In the meanwhile she is busy creating her own Jewellery collection “I dream in Clockwork” which Involves picking up old watches and cassette tapes from markets in Holloway North London; she then began to make her own unique pieces by recycling the watches into necklaces, Cuff-links, Earrings and Broaches. Innovative and cool, she sells her pieces at local boutiques “Two little Birds” and “Tyto” in down town Falmouth. At the moment she is writing her blog “The Vintage Cream” where she has to upload a picture everyday of a different outfit. I heard her say that she could get to day sixty five at least. The Website breaks down wear she purchased her individual item of clothing and accessories.

We could say her style is a cross between Bettie page and Marilyn Monroe,bringing the Fifties to the high street of Falmouth. Rooting through Vintage fairs and charity shops you too could catch onto her individual style! But for now this girl’s extremely happy to be in Cornwall and getting  involved with local projects and trying out new things. We could say Lorraine brought a bit of the big city to a small town.