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Prague- City of sight and love


I stepped onto the warm pavement. The heat blazing as i arrived into Prague Airport. People rushing for the nearest taxi in sight.I checked the map and attempted to catch the three estimated buses to my hotel. Screwing the bus timetable up which was all written in Czech anyway, decided to stand in Que for the next taxi. It was my turn to go. The car was a lot more comfortable than the aeroplane seats. Right i was ready to start my journey. We entered the countryside. The houses were all covered in ivy. Families were walking, graffiti covered every spare wall. I could smell summer, along with the orchards. Driving now for for at least forty minutes, i could finally see a signpost. Prague. The city was busking with cars,music and people. Groups of school children running for the bus and hungrey people waiting in Mcdonalds. I could see the Castle in the distance overlooking the city of dreams…. Driving over the Bridge we stopped for traffic. I now had time to look and listen to the people. Beeps from cars and what i thought was strong language came from the drivers waiting in line. Beyond the arguments, i could hear a slight voice of a mysterious male with long tied up blond hair playing acoustic guitar. The sun hitting his face, we both locked eyes, intrigued in one another. He slightly smirked and waved. The car pulled away. The city was full of life, passing groups of girls giggling, tourists like myself admiring the art of others. Finally i reached my last destination. The door to the hotel was ever so inviting, NOT. The door was covered in Purple and Green graffiti. Looking as if it was left derelict. Before i had chance to thank the driver, he was already turning the corner, just leaving my bags on the pavement.

My time spent in Prague was short.¬†Spending¬†alot of my day in a local bagel shop. I had to walk nearly a mile to get to the place, but for some reason i felt like it was very homely. With groups of backpackers coming in and out every half an hour. I was able to meet others with the same interests as me. At night time the city was swamped with twenty somethings moving from club to club. The strangest club i discovered was inside a shopping mall, the name just being D.I.S.C.O. The whole club was decorated in leather even the walls and floors. The upholstery seemed to encourage others to dress in the same manner. A drunken girl dressed in a cat suit stood on the bar, waving and singing to the nearest individual to dance with her. I got the chance to experience real czech dance music and to be honest this was an improvement from England’s!

My trip to Prague was jam packed and full of fun. I went to the communism museum, a chocolate factory along with a trip to the theater to see Swan Lake Ballet. The theater was an amazing experience. Prague has an envious laid back culture that everyone should witness. The city was beautiful and hopefully i will return in the future……….