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News and Magazine Production

This week we focused on our existing pieces of work that we are currently working on. We were being shown on how to maintain Word press for Falmouth Navigator and how to correct images etc.

This last two weeks I have been working on an article on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I wanted to raise awareness on the now common disease. I spoke to a close friend of mine who has since in the pass suffered from this. She was willing to let me interview her and write a piece for the next upload. We firstly spoke about how she felt it started and how fast it was developing and affecting her everyday life. It was interesting to speak to her and hear her inside of story of coping with it. Not many people know how dangerous it can become and frightening at the same time. I think it will make an interesting read.

Another idea that I’m currently working is makeup ideas for people who are sick of the same look all the time. I have written a draft up and now just working on the structure of it and selecting images suitable for the article.

Case Study

We had a guest speaker come in this week to brief us on how it would be like to work in Newsrooms. Suzy spoke of how we are able to take exams, which many of us I don’t think even know about or have even been told about before. A spelling test was one of the exercises which I did quite well in, I will start practicing more however.

I have applied for more placements as I have heard nothing apart from one Newspaper publisher back home which I have taken for a week in Early May. I applied for the official Playstation magazine as this is what I ‘am now thinking of going into. As for the Case Study question, I have chosen it ready and looking forward to getting it started.

Television Production

I really enjoy this module and think we can learn a lot from it. I am now in a group with Mari, Jamie, Matthew and Hannah. We are still discussing our ideas for our package but soon enough will be taking the camera out for our first shoot.

I felt in today’s lesson, the editing was a great subject to learn. It’s just a shame that I was put into a group with people that don’t let other’s have a chance at trying. I felt this was a wasted session in some ways. This however has made me want to learn more in depth and book my own editing suite later on in the weeks and have a go by myself.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer PS2 Review


In 2002, Buffy the vampire slayer, the best teen vampire show ended, and shortly after the Playstation game was released. Eurocom Entertainment had created its first Buffy game. Hitting us with its usual kickass style, Buffy and friends must defeat the evil demon “The first”. The story is set in Series five, the main quest of the game being  to recover different body parts of a woman called Cassandra Grey, who holds the power to defeat the villain.

The players are the usual cast: Buffy, Willow, Faith, Xander and Spike. While Buffy holds the majority of the game’s levels, her main goal is to protect hostages alongside best friend Xander. Faith does make an appearance having to fight uber vampire Kakistos – (the oldest vamp in history). Willow and Tara obviously take the magic route which is the best tactics, as Willow’s character progresses with power through the game. She has a spell book which the player unlocks in the first level.

Giles fails to impress the player as you don’t get to fight with him; the same applies to Anya as well. In the High school Level, Xander must fight against her but as the evil “Anyanka” by collecting bunnies and placing them on five pentagons. A turn for the books is Sid the Dummy from season one episode “The Puppet Show” makes an appearance. He plays a huge part in the storyline leading Buffy through levels as a personal mentor. Sid doesn’t really have any particular strength apart from been able to jump high. It really doesn’t tie in with the fact as Giles is a far more immediate character than him, yet they chose to exclude Giles of any personal challenges, a bit of a disappointment to be honest for Buffy fans.

The levels were really exciting to play, though you can’t choose which character you play with at any particular point.  Buffy’s skills don’t really have much variety to them – which is a shame as you would think she would have the most. The best character to use is Faith as she is quicker on her feet and has more in depth fighting skills but the downside is you can only play with her once. However if you are not necessarily into the fighting and prefer the magic side, use Willow as her levels bring a completely different element to it. Having a low selection fighting skills she is one of the weakest players to play, but using her magic, Willow could be strongest candidate. By just pressing X three times she sets the enemy on fire and having not to come into direct contact with the vampire.

On the weapon front,  stakes are attainable at all times, as there always seems to be a chair to break, there’s spades lying around which are great for taking enemies’ life quick. Sticks, Rakes, Holy Water, Hell Fire and crossbow’s are just some of them; it takes a lot for the player to lose their life.

This is the first Buffy adventure released on Playstation 2. Xbox and Gameboy colour have already brought out previous games in 2000 and 2002. Buffy fans complained on the level of graphics on previous games, safe can say there would be no quarrels on this one. The graphics are very slick and make it almost like watching an original episode. A lot of detail has been undertaken in order to produce it to such a high quality. Not all cast participated in the voiceover’s but to be honest you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.

The main attraction to the game is not really the fighting as such – it is more for the sentimental meaning attached to it. If a Buffy fan decides to play this, it’s the last step to completing the final storyline of the program. However a non-fan of the show can still appreciate this game and still love to play as you don’t need to know the story efficiently as cut scenes are present before every level, giving a low down on the previous story etc.  All in all an excellent game to play, yet still not too difficult to complete for the smallest of gamers.  If you do like this, other games that are similar are Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Xbox and Gameboy Colour and Demon Stone and Nightshade on ps2.