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Kitty Gubbins- News


Kitty Gubbins fair is one of the most famous Vintage Fair’s in Cornwall. Traveling from a far, avid fashion fans come down once a month to check out the new stock. Held in the WI building, Webber Street in Falmouth, you will have the chance to look at some of Falmouth’s finest stalls. Rows of old costume, seventies and unwanted clothing all at a reasonable prices. Rosie Noble said “I think it’s great, I got a beautiful eighties Jumper from here at only eight pounds.” Crowds of students arrive early ready for opening.

You can check out the Facebook group page for recent news and also on posters which usually are around  the Falmouth area or have any queries email

The next event is for late night shoppers at The Water Sports Centre in downtown Falmouth at 5-9 pm. If you are interested in going to more Vintage fairs, Truro hold one on Fridays at 9am in the Hall for Cornwall.


Fashion Magazine!


Hi everyone 🙂 Just to let you know I’m still working on my fashion magazine for University. I just have about finished my feature on the lovely Lorraine Williams for next week. When it’s complete with pictures I will definitely upload it onto here for you to read. Now having to start my review and news piece and then nearly done. I’m really looking forward to the finished product, as i have never done anything like this before. I have a good team to work with and look forward to keeping you all up to date. Ill keep you posted xx

“This House should allow Abortion on demand”


On Wednesday last week the University’s debating Union held its second debate of the term. Welcoming new students and the general public, they had the chance to debate on the one of the most controversial issues this year. “This house would allow abortion on demand.” With the title alone we all know it’s going to get quite heated. On the proposition side we had Mayfair Tsang and Siobhan Pyburn and on the opposition Owen Hind and Sarah Scriven. Both teams delivered seven minute speeches and then left it up to the audience for their questions. Nimra Zaheer said “Both sides were really good. The Proposition was stronger in their views and characteristics. But I’m for the opposition as women shouldn’t have the lack of responsibility.” Abortion is being taken very lightly now. A lot of people feel the abortion is being used as a form of contraception now, a safe way out. Women do need to be more self aware of the risks undertaken for the procedure. Tom Wright said “Women are entitled to the right over their body. I just hope that the father of the child is taken into consideration more too.”

Both sides did amazingly well, both putting up a strong fight. The opposition did win overall but not by too many votes. Jungi shafi the president of the society said “A very enjoyable abortion debate, congratulations are in order to the debaters. Both teams put forward sound and well structured arguments.” If you are interested in debating yourself or just coming along to watch, join the Facebook group and this will keep you updated on up and coming events. The next debate will be held on Wednesday the 24th November at 6pm—7pm in Daphne Du Maurier Building, Lecture Theatre A.It will be the big political debate “This house would leave the European Union.” We do have a selection of debates coming up this term, one in which will cause some sparks “This house believes Britain was wrong to go to war in Iraq.” Come along and have your say!

Fashion Magazine


Hey everyone! Now back at University and in my first term of second year, we are now expected to produce a magazine of our own choice. In a  group of six people we have all elaborated and decided to go for Fashion. Superficial as it sounds i’m very looking forward to it. We are rushing around finding our own feature idea’s and meeting once a week to discuss who has got what. I chose to focus on the Vintage side of fashion. I have been going to carboots, flea markets and local vintage fairs. I’ll keep you all updated on my finds and how the magazine is progressing.

Social Network Review


Social network is a film that reflects on the international breakthrough of Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg the founder of the popular website is an overbearing sarcastic teenager from Harvard University. One night after a bitter breakup with his girlfriend Erica, he drunkenly blogs about how angry he is about her. Spurring him on he decides to make a website comparing girls on who is the better looking one. Hacking other university houses and creating it in one night he access’s the photos and leaks them onto the new website, Emailing the link to all his friends, this then starts the storm. After four hours with 22.000 hits the university security immediately shut it down.

Later on Zuckerberg is approached by twins from Harvard University too, who think they have an idea where he could work on. Partly teaming up with them, he steals there idea and goes into partnership with his best friend Edwardo. The twins found out he’s stole their idea and created the well known website we all know as Facebook and take a lawsuit out against him.

Receiving interest from other parties such as internet success Sean Parker a.k.a. Justin Timberlake, is somewhat of a mentor for mark. Looking up to him, mark turns his back on the co founder and his best friend Edwardo and lowers his percentage of his rights to the company. Angry, Edwardo sues Mark for his right to have his name back on the website as co founder of Facebook.

Social network is an example of how we all get so obsessed with the website. Some parts of me felt like when I stepped out of the cinema I wanted to de activate my account as soon as possible. If this is the true account of how Facebook was created then I really don’t to be a part of it. It’s built on stealing someone else’s idea and also somebody else’s rage. Mark was so annoyed at Erica breaking up with him that it leads him creating a website where anyone can be socially stalked in the world. Thank goodness you can block your account whenever you want too.

I must admit at the beginning I was slightly worried as to how so and so played Mark on how he would perform. I just found him annoying as an actor and as a character. However he did manage to change my mind after ten minutes into the film, with him closely resembling Michael Ceyrs but a slightly geekier version if that is possible. Justin Timberlake actually really did surprise me too, I didn’t think he could pull it off playing the creepy businessman. I guess he is now shedding the whole squeaky clean American dream tag.

The film was directed by fight clubs director so and so. I can see the resemblance within the films. I really was looking forward to seeing the movie and glad to have now seen it. I’m definitely impressed by it and looking forward to watching it again when it comes out on DVD. I’d recommend it for anyone to see.