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Topshop Oriental dress reduced to fifteen pounds, what a great bargain!


Italy is Eataly


For my birthday I managed to book a cheap flight with Easy jet to Bologna in Italy. It is the capital city of Emilia – Romagna and situated in the North. Unlike other cities, Bologna is quite far spread and immediate transport is recomended. The place is very laid back compared to its sister cities such as Rome and Milan and it remains to be less high class with its labels and more high street with the likes of H and M and Pull and Bear.

The train station is central and takes you straight away to nearby places such as Naples, Venice and Florence. Ideal for travelers with Saturdays offering  buy one get one free tickets on all rail journeys.

This was a fab Lasagne at a famous Italian restaurant situated in the main square. I could not go to Italy and not try the infamous cuisine. The next few pictures are from when we visited Florence for the day. This is the Baptistery building, one of the oldest in Florence. Tourists would flock here to take romantic pictures at night time.

We were quite cold at this point, temperatures had obviously dropped! Florence was a beautiful place, the streets all prepared ready for Christmas and the new year. While there I took my time to browse the large selection of Christmas street stalls with colourful pashmina’s and glass Venetian necklaces.

Meanwhile back in Bologna…

This was the first plate of food from the Chinese buffet ‘Koko’, that I’d strongly promised myself to visit from the first day of noticing it. Sadly after this plate I had a peanut allergy, much to my annoyance.

The end to what was a bellissimo holiday.

Thankyou very much for reading.

🙂 xx

NYE Outfits!


For most of the UK and women alike they will be trawling the sales racks looking for something new to wear on Saturday night. After all the christmas hype and over spending on food, this is one day a year where we can safely say it’s okay to be over the top with our dress sense. Essex girl Lauren Goodger knows how to dress up in style.

Online stores such as Asos and Boohoo have some great evening dress’s for the special occasion. Dorothy Perkins have an execellent sale on at the moment, especially the shoes. Here is some idea’s for you to experiment with –

Lipsy Ruffle One Shoulder Dress

Warehouse Sequin Dress – Available at Asos

This would look fabulous with some Topshop Studded Heels :

If you’re into the skater girl look, maybe this dress would be your taste. Lovely silk material which can be worn with delicate accessories or if feeling really daring with some hot red heels. Also available at Asos.

If you happen to be quite Boho or looking for that last little unusual piece to finish off an outfit, headpieces have become quite popular with celebrities such as Pixie Lott and Florence Welch, this could be what you’re looking for :

Hope you enjoyed this article and that it gave you some cool party idea’s. Happy holidays everyone, can’t wait until 2012!

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want too


Well my 23rd birthday has finally beckoned and I’m starting to feel slightly old. For example I think now if I now go out for drinks in my local town, it’ll just be full of underage children trying to cop a drink at the bar and I’ll be the odd one out.

I have never thought about been 23 before, silly I know but the end of university is near and I’ve got all these really important decisions to start making, like where will I live afterwards, will I move to a city or abroad or am I going to stay put for a year and carry on working, ya know them sort of things. I just feel overwhelmed with adulthood and it got me wondering that I should write a list of things I want to achieve in the next 23 years or so… I have this imaginary list which Im sure everyone else has secretly written down in their heads as well. These are just some of the images of what I’d like to do and see  an do in the next few years or so. We can say it’s like a dream journal of some sort. I highly recommend everyone tries it, it’s very therapeutic.

The quick and easy bun


For most of you buns are just for ballerinas, but not this month, it’s the hottest new trend. And just lately I’ve become very bored with my drab, well rooted blonde hair and fancied a change. I purchased a foam bun ring after a friend had recommended it for a different style. This one was only three pounds from New Look or in Claire’s Accessories I know they do mini versions of the ring for shorter hair.

I was first inspired after seeing Hayden Pantierre’s style . It’s the sort of look that never goes out of fashion and looking at Audrey Hepburn, she pulled it off with Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Usually it’s worn for the evenings but I think now it’s more cool to be casual with it. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Vanessa Hudgen’s are known for their sleek but well-kept messy hair. It’s great for that biker chick look, just throw on some leather with studded boots and you’ll be well on your way.

Items needed to do the do yourself :

1. Hair Spray – and lots of it!! Recommend Pantene, the range is great and also cheap.

2. Comb – for the necessary back combing after the ring is in place

3. Hair grips – yet again quite a few to keep the style together

4. Foam ring

5. Patience

Wed Placement – Day two


My second day at Wed magazine went exceedingly well. I worked on another wedding buzz piece, which is writing a column on a couple’s special day. These are great for short writing exercises and perfect to put on here for people to read.

In the afternoon I carried on with the mood boards, the first was finishing off Whimsical and the second theme, Glamour. I thoroughly enjoyed the whimsical piece, even now considering that for my own wedding theme, which obviously won’t be for a long time yet!

Will be heading back to Wed after Xmas now due to working commitments.

Oh and the other part of afternoon was spent watching M.C. Hammer – ‘Pump and a bump’. Definitely check this out! It’s a winner.