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Extreme Male Beauty Review


Journalist Tim Shaw entered a two month journey of extreme male beauty routines. In every episode putting himself through some of the worse regimes, Tim explores what Men really do behind closed doors. Whilst looking at some of the top male models of the industry including Beckham and Ronaldo he embarks on a challenge of achieving the desired look.

With Beckham in mind, Shaw interviews individuals who have undergone liposuction, plastic surgery and who often abuse the level of steroids. Men have lost their place in the world to be just Men, feeling threatened by the modeling industry.

Whilst trying a diet in which most people would never dare admit, Shaw had to drink his own urine for two weeks. Being promised it improves your own skin if you put it in on your face everyday. Asking Women about his body, most women failed to be impressed and picked your classic Male model with plunging bi-ceps and smooth chest. Seventy five per cent of Women prefer Men to have a smooth chest, resulting in the Male population into daily shaving and Waxing of the whole body. And we thought Women were vainer! Following him over his two months, with his manicures and his tanning, Tim does start to improve his Daniel Craig wannabe physique and show us all how the Male population really do live.


Debating Union


Falmouth University is proud to present the new President of the Debate Society Jungi Shafi. With a great start for the new September term, the society I’m sure will bring some intense arguments.

Leaving last term on a high, the debating Union had discussed issues such as Capital Punishment, Feminism and abolishing the Monarchy. With a good turn out, the union is always looking for new members to join. With a small fee of three pounds membership you can be apart of a great society. Jungi says “Plans for the future include running debating competitions with prizes and also designing a debating union shield”.

This year the society hopes to bring at least three debates before the Christmas break, with the last debate being held in Pendennis Castle, as a formal event. “By joining and participating in the Debating Union will significantly enhance communication skills which are fundamental to every employee”.

There are a lot of people who are scared to express their opinions and the society is a great way in which you can get together and discuss different issues. The union is a fun environment to be a part of and is a great way of meeting new people. If you are interested in joining the society please join the Facebook page. Here you will find out information on future debates. Socials will be set up over the year so you can meet your fellow members too. Leave your details if you have any ideas for any topics to be discussed and if you want to join in them.