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Why do we all get so bloody down about Dissertations?


At the moment there’s hundreds of worried faces in the library, covering the desks and none of them daring to look away from the computer screens. And theirs me munching away, not having a care in the world, accept I have an 8000 word draft in for less than two weeks. I don’t know what I’ve been doing…procrastinating on Facebook I expect and checking emails and scrolling through ebay. I have had my question changed ultimately three times in the last couple of weeks. I don’t think I can take anymore. I’ve just got to remember, just breathe and take deep breaths.

I was in the library the other day and all I could hear was the smashing sound of beating fingers hitting the computer keys. The noise sounding like a loud thud against my empty skull. I couldn’t console myself and in the end I had to go to the toilet and let out a short cry. I was struggling to fight back the tears in the book stacks. This particular day didn’t go down too well and all I could think was I stupid? Why has everyone completed three or four thousand words…and I haven’t? These thoughts kept spinning around in my head like a washing machine. I just couldn’t write one line before pressing the delete button and in the end I had to leave and go eat a burger to put my mind at rest. That’s the thing you see…food is the escapism. If you eat something nice, well if I eat something nice, It always seems to make things better. Some people like to go shopping or have a calming cigarette, for me food is my savior. I think by the end of these two months of crafting and carving away, safe can say that I will probably have gained about two stone in extra weight. Hopefully in the future I will not have to keep resulting in McDonald’s cheeseburgers to calm my nerves.

I intend to stay focused these next two weeks and take in as much information as my little brain can. I have my list of books and a stock of orange lucozade and series two Buffy to watch in between time off writing and I shall keep telling myself I will be OKAY.

My chosen question which hopefully will not be swapped and changed yet again is: An investigation into the reception of Sex and the City. Very girly I know, but at least it’s something I like to write about. I couldn’t think of anything worse than to write about something that you deteste for the next two months!

If you are worried about dissertations and feeling like myself here, try not to worry, it’s not all and be end all and my only advice is stay calm and have a burger 😉


Day 1 – Wed work placement


It was my first day at Wed Magazine and a very good one at that. I was quite worried this morning in case I couldn’t find the office but for some reason, luck was on my side. I found it all okay and made it on time for the ten o’clock start.

I’ve had this work placement set up for quite a while now. I was a bit apprehensive in case you had to be really interested in ‘Weddings’, however they quickly put me right today, that I don’t have to be, phew!

Rebecca and Brendan were very welcoming and made you feel at real ease. My first task of the day was to research this year’s wedding trends, for e.g – colour schemes, favours, center pieces, dress’s etc. I was quite overwhelmed with the huge response of blogs dedicated to the big day. I looked on rocknroller bride, ruffled, the knot and which gave me some invaluable information for special occasions.

The top locations for weddings in Cornwall are St Michaels Spa, The Greenbank Hotel, Headland Hotel and Atlantic Hotel in Newquay. All of which would provide the perfect romantic backdrop. I even sound like a wedding planner now!

My second task of the day was to write up the wedding experience from a recent married couple who wed in Marldon in September. The afternoon went really quickly, spending most of it writing the article. I really enjoyed this exercise as it got me thinking of the style of the piece and creatively thinking how I could represent the bride’s experience. I might get a byline on this, which would be great and also important for my negotiated portfolio next year.

The last task of the day was to create a mood board of the theme ‘Fairytale’. When I was researching at the start, I came across the Disney themed weddings which spured the mood board idea of fairytale and fantasy. I went onto research Makeup, locations, hair styles, accessories and last but not least the dress’s. I love playing around with mood boards; there’s just no restrictions of idea’s. Rebecca said it will be beneficial for future shoots at Wed.

I had a great day and can’t wait to do produce more articles in the next couple of weeks or maybe even go on a photo shoot? Well I’ll see.

keep you posted.