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Falmouth Oyster Festival




First ever Penryn Flea Market!


Penryn Temperance hall held its first Vintage flea Market hosted by Amy Sampson. Leaving Falmouth University just a couple months ago with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, she had always been a fan of looking in local Charity Shops for a good rummage. Deciding to host her own event was a way of expanding on her hobby and bringing friends together. When asked would there be more held in the future she said “Yes definitely because it’s been so successful this time, a lot of people came along”. The event will be next advertised on Facebook for people who are interested in hosting their own stalls, tables will be four pounds.You can sell anything you want, Kate a stall holder said.  “I’ve just brought all my old bits and bobs from around the house, like clothing my children didn’t want anymore.” A great event for bringing the community together.

Duffy Dreams


Pop princess Duffy aka- Aimee Ann Duffy, didn’t always come out at first according to Jayne Williams, former competitor of the welsh version of British Pop idol. Duffy landed second place on the show with Jayne coming first. Jayne quotes “I’m delighted for Duffy but just a few years ago I beat her into second place. She was the first person to congratulate me when I won. She gave me a big hug and I’m sure she wasn’t bothered about losing”. The pair of them did swap numbers after the show but never really kept in touch. In 2004 when Duffy came second, Jayne dominated the public by 69%.

Go on the dole love”

After the contest with nothing else to do Duffy arrived at Chester University in hope of a good education. Whilst studying Culture, a former tutor said to her “Go on the dole love and become a singer”. From a journey of becoming second and then winning three Brit awards the star said “I can’t tell you what this means after five years, thank you so much”. The dream all started for her when she met Jeanette Lee, a part owner of rough trade records. She moved Duffy to Crouch End and orchestrated a meeting between her and Suede’s ex- guitarist Bernard Butler. Initially giving his time for free, Butler played and produced tracks on Rockferry, her debut album, which went onto selling over Three Million copies. Bringing out her first hit “Mercy”. Jayne said “Around eighteen months ago I heard her on Radio one and she’d suddenly become this massive star; if I had the chance to call Duffy and ask for advice I would, she has done so well for herself”. Not bad at all considering her tutor said go on the dole.