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River Island Ankle Boots


Recently as the summer’s starting to end, I’ve been looking to find a nice comfty but stylish pair of ankle boots. I really like the look of the baggy mini dress’s and brightly coloured tights with them. A pair of these boots would surely do the job and also appropriate for the autumn/winter months.

Price –  £75.00

Maybe try them with this….

You can find this dress and many more like this at –


The Red Hot World Buffet


It was a sunny afternoon in Leeds, my friend kindly treated me to lunch in the ‘Red Hot world buffet’. Never one’s to turn down food, we were in heaven.

The restaurant was very posh indeed considering that it was only eight pounds per head. The décor was very well thought out, obviously travel themed, it had a departure lounge with seats behind, designed as if you were sat on the plane looking out of the window.

After been escorted to table 74, we were mesmerized by the room full of colourful and exciting cuisine. It reminded you of been on one of those all-inclusive holidays in Egypt. We had seven choices, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean and Thai. I absolutely adore Chinese chicken balls, I think I rushed to get my first helping.

You could even have a healthy option at the restaurant, they made pasta and fresh noodles to your own liking with vegetable’s and choices of meat. The Indian counter was surrounded by people waiting patiently for fresh onion bhaji’s to come out of the oven and chickpea phal to be served up.

I gathered bits and pieces from all counters; my plate was full to the brim, overflowing from the prawn crackers that I shoved on top and having to be careful not to drip the garlic mayonnaise I glooped on. We were eating potato wedges on our way round unable to wait to get back to the table. I remember holding the ques up when collecting the newly baked pizza’s out of the oven. If I could see myself now I must have looked so bloody greedy. Rosie my friend, commented on how she had never had prawn crackers with lettuce before or mango salad with pasta. Interesting combinations I must say.

After stuffing my face with a second or third helping, my eating buddy Rosie, must of had four or five in that time. We decided to be brave and then venture down to the dessert counter. Hundreds of little pots of delicious goodies waiting for us gluten’s to pick up. I tried white choc chip with ginger moose, chocolate mousse, lime jelly, blueberry cheesecake, Lemon panacotta, Strawberry bake-well’s, the list was endless. My favourite one though was the cute little crème brulees, they are the best I’ve ever had! The way the top was just slightly burnt with the treacle sugary taste, it was to die for.

I managed to capture some pictures before I destroyed the desserts on my plate, however my phone camera doesn’t give the little pots of heaven any justice.

The tip for the day – Don’t over eat and also because it’s free you don’t have to keep eating, this is my main mistake. To stop this from happening to you, just take tuppa wear and it will solve all problems.

Happy eating peeps!

(Note – The eight pound deal is only on at Lunchtime, at night the price rises to fifteen pounds, this includes sushi and other dishes)

ADDRESS: 44-48 The Light, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 8T

TEL: Reservations: 0113 244 0400

Totally funky


(All Items found on

Loving the travel theme…

RRP: £57.99

NOW : £41.99






These are sooo cool, great invention. You can now cut through pizza with complete ease without struggling a knife and getting cheese everywhere.

Price :      £9.99











Love this, just sorting out my flat at the moment, this would look great in the living room or even the kitchen 🙂

Holds up to eighteen passport size photo’s.

Price :  £24.99