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Female magazines fit all categories and don’t aim to offend any particular type of woman. When analyzing Vogue, this is a magazine that touches the hearts of everyone. Making the reader somewhat feel I can’t be apart of this. However I can fantasize about it. In the late film “The September Issue” focusing on Anna Wintour the chief editor of the US Vogue, believes people are threatened by fashion. Saying “Fashion is a way of life”. Females in this position of the hierarchy are perceived, as I hate to say it but “Ball Breakers”.  ” The problem for men is that to be more like women in anyway public or personal is to accept a downgrading of status in social and sexual terms and risk being seen as less of a man on both fronts. The situation is different for women. For a woman to be more culturally masculine as many women are and want to be, implies some upgrading of social status”. (Minsky. R 2003).

Vogue is an empowering magazine. It lets you be who you want to be, dream of being. It’s a luxurious piece of art.  “Freud’s psychoanalytical theory, hovering between natural and human science, see’s identity in terms of the unconscious negotiation of painful feelings of loss and desire in relation to a complicated web of social or cultural constraints but never solely determined by them”. (Minsky. R 2003). The photography of the magazine has elements of feminine and masculine. It’s another form of feminism. Women are strong as men. Using certain hidden messages in order to keep the reader interested. The fashion is very over the top and majority of the population wouldn’t even consider ever been seen out wearing the couture. But it also shows a side to a woman to leave their comfort zone and embrace being a woman.


Falmouth debate society opening evening


University College Falmouth’s politics society held it’s first debate on Wednesday. The debate over Femininity and Feminism.

Twenty students turned up, to question should women keep their role of being feminine. The two students on each team prepared a seven minute speech each.

Femininity started the debate with explaining how key figures within the pass have had a huge influence on society today. Names were mentioned such as Florence Nightingale, Mother Theresa and Marilyn Monroe. The Feminism team riled the crowd by stating men necessarily only like women who are pretty. Matt Kipling, second year Geography said “If women chose to lose their femininity, it would make women lose their role of patience, kindness and beauty”.

The feminism team argue how women till this day are paid a fraction less than males. Natalie Taylor, first year Politics student says “It’s because women are in a higher status of employment, that men can’t handle it. Mother Theresa was more than capable. Think of her and embrace being a woman”. Women in Dorset are paid 52% less than males are.

Feminism team mentioned Suffragettes in their campaign. Reflecting on how they protested for women to have the vote and equal rights. “Women who are not voting should be fined. Innocent women have died in order for us to have equal rights. I’m not saying i fully agree with feminism but they do have a point”, says Gina Banks, second year Press photography student.

In conclusion the debate become very heated, one of their best the University will hold. Feminism had a very strong hold on the crowd and won by five extra votes.

Youths smash window


Last Saturday night around 1.00am, Turvers Mobile Phone shop, Grove Street Retford was vandalised by youths. Smashing the front window. The police arrived fifteen minutes after the incident. Luckily nothing was stolen. When asked, “Do you think the majority of crime in Retford is drug and alcohol related?”.  The manager of Turvers said “Definitely, not necessarily drug related but alcohol related for sure.” Although there was damage to the shop, fortunately no one was hurt.

Toystory 2 – Film Review


With the brand new Disney Toystory 3 coming out, I managed to watch the first two last week. I thought i would review the second installment before I see the last to the childhood trilogy.

Andy the little boy who is the proud owner of the loyal toys, plays with Woody just before he goes off to summer camp. The day he is ready to set off, accidentally rips Woody’s arm. Andy then deciding to leave him at home to keep him safe. All afraid of being put into the garage sale bag, Andy’s Mum looks round his room for odd little bits and old toys to sell. Squeaky the penguin intentionally being put in the bag, Woody is to the rescue. Whilst going to the yard sale in hope of recovering the toy and bringing him back safely to Andy’s room. Woody is cruelly kidnapped by Al Micwigan, a greedy collector who has been in search of Woody for a long time to join other collectible toys, Jessie the Cowgirl, the Prospector and Bullseye the horse. , its up to Buzz to go find the courageous cowboy. Finding themselves against an evil Buzz, the unbeatable Zurg, they manage to rescue Woody and also bring back some more love-able characters.

Toystory 2 is a fun adventure and leaves it ready for the third movie. The Story sadly reminds you of toys that you have loved and played with once as a young child. I cant wait to see the final piece to the jigsaw.


My first step of the journey to Portugal… First Stop: London


Well i have now expressed my passion for traveling, so this is just another installment into my little world of traveling. Firstly i would like to start on how i actually started my journey with my two friends Anu and Florence. Ayse decided to join us and come to London for the night. We met with Florence at Bournemouth Airport, more about that later.

Step 1. Me Ayse and Anu caught the national express coach from Penzance at 12.00pm and then arrived in the busy Friday night of london at 9.45pm. London was full of life. Crowds of people waiting at Victoria Tube station ready for their nights ahead. The que for ticket machine was horrendous.  People shouting, conversations running high. Me and Ayse went out into London and Anu went home for the night. Firstly Ayse and myself hit oxford Street. We exited the station and was approached by a bicycle taxi to get to the elite club China white. So we went on teh bike for exactly three minutes and was charged ten pounds- RIP OFF, oh well i had never been on one before, so anyways arrived at the nightclub. We have been several clubs like this in the pass, i wasn’t expecting much really to be honest. We qued for a moment and was asked to pay twenty pounds, lucky for us we happened to be on the guest list thank goodness.

The club had a really dark entrance, we were ushered downstairs, the walls were all mirrowed with big bamboo sticks in front, lightly lit with an orange tinge. Looking around the clubs there were groups of well dressed individuals. Someone in my eye view was even supporting the latest Gucci installment. What did suprise me was the price of drinks, i thought a simple Coca Cola would cost me an arm and a leg. Only costing two pounds fifty, was an absolute bargain. The club already going up in my estimations.

The music ranged from R nb to the latest chart music. Even Kurt Kobain was dropped in with his infamous hit Smells like teen spirit. I must admit China White was like a dance off, i felt like a sore thumb there.

Coming out of the club at Four am, we had the greatest pleasure of seeing Oxford Street at night after the shops all closed. I do believe like its Neighboring City New York, London too is a city that never sleeps. Everyone was happy, just enjoying the Early London Morning. Venturing to Picadilly Circus, just outside Boots was a Late night Trumpet player with a huge crowd of people around him whilst playing White Stripes. I even caught it on film. Heading now for the nearest warm place we walked round looking for interesting places to go in. We walked through China Town, however not before we bumped into a gang of one eyed people on the way, they tried to pull us back and talk. We quickly hurried on. Ayse nearly getting knocked over, was stopped by a Turkish man that rides the bike taxi’s. I do wonder when these riders actually stop working for a good nights sleep this being five am by now. Discussing where to go, we were pesuaded to go on the bike and ride to find the nearest open Gay club called Heaven near Trafalgar Square. Swooshing in and out of Soho and China Town with the brisk cold air, i through enjoyed to see London this early in the morning. It was as if it was two o’clock in the afternoon, i wonder what people do this time in the morning. Probably the same as us Arriving at the Club a mere ten minute bike ride later, the club was closed, we were told if we came on the next night it would be open to twelve o’clock the next day. Great! We kindly asked the bike rider to take us back to Leicester Square where i knew there were Casinos open. On the journey back, the rider had an argument with two police officers for going through a Red traffic light and to make matters worse he then had another argument with another taxi driver. After this we asked to get off as soon as possible. Think he growing tired by this point now. We were dropped outside a late night sandwich shop.

Now struggling what to do, i decided to find the nearest open casino. The first one we tried to get into had to huge bouncers guarding the entrance. I was told i would have to hug him then i would be let in. Telling him a few words, we now hating the cold, tried to get into another one called Gala. Just across from Mcdonalds. On the doorway a man wearing a bright blue velvet jacket stopped us. “You have to be members!”. Telling him we were avid gamblers, he threatened us not to join just to go to the lavatory. What was the first we did went straight to the toilet! The casino was dark in the entrance then when you go into the main room was full of men and women surrounding small tables. Everyone very concentrated. After a couple of minutes of scoping the place out, we saw a man being restrained by two security guards. Pushing and shoving, he was thrown out onto the pavement. Not a good start.

Whilst our time in there was warm and relatively friendly, we decided to move on. The security guard fell in love with my friend and kept trying to talk to her on the way out. I even managed to get a snap of them! Much to her annoyance 🙂 Mcdonalds was our next stop in town (well the closest)…. I know what people mean when they say Mcdonalds is dangerous. Well the one in Leceister Square is. After we purchased our drinks, a man stood in the window and pretended to put wire around his neck and hang himself. This was not good, but also to make it worse, the bouncer from the casino came to talk to my friend again for fifteen minutes, telling her he couldn’t let her leave without saying goodbye. Haha.

After this charades, it was almost time for us to set off back to the Hostel near Victoria. The only problem was Ayse by this point was finding it extremely hard to walk in her high wedges. It was a hard trek to get to Victoria, since we didnt want to get the tube, we decided to get a Taxi, but at this point Florence was unreachable and we couldn’t remember where the hostel was 😦 The Taxi just dropped us off near to Victoria Station, i vaguely remembered where it was but wasn’t syre. Finally we got through to Florence and she gave us the code to get in. We were so cold now, I just needed to get inside somewhere. The owner warned us about coming in to just sleep, we had to prove to him we were coming to get Florence.

Sex and the City 2 Review


I sat anticipating, waiting in my seat for the second installment of the second movie, we join Carrie and friends on her new adventure into the city. However in this movie much of her time is spent in the land of Abu Dhabi. With the tag line “Sometimes you just need to get away with the girls”. Agreed!  

They start the movie off with her looking fabulous in a white Versace dress.  Looking back on her two years, her now married to Mr. Big, Miranda happy with Steve once again, Charlotte taking up to motherhood and last but not least Samantha, promiscuous as ever, and still single as ever. We first see Carries gay best friend Stanford and Charlotte’s best friend Anthony get married in a beautiful white décor. With Liza Minnelli been the priest at the wedding and singing terribly Single ladies, sex and the city never seems to fail you. A memorable scene with Miranda supporting an amazing revealing black dress with little mirrors all down the front particularly focusing on her cleavage, a dress you wouldn’t normally see her wear. The movie pulled out all stops with the fashion. Rumoring there was an eight figure sum budget for the clothing allowance in the film. And to be honest it does show. And don’t even get me started on the shoes. The movie really experimented with different styles and gave off a good message for Women. It was as if tehy crammed all fashion that has being used over the series and put it all into thsi movie. Recapturing moments from previous episodes.

The movie was filmed in a different location this time round, leaving the city behind for once. With Samantha cracking a deal with a hotel manager she plans for her and the girls to go away for a free week to Abu Dhabi. Being filmed in a Muslim country they seemed to adapt the clothing to the countries rules. Samantha on the other hand, tries her best to go against this in every instance. With all women leaving the city behind, Charlotte and Carrie have worries of their own. Charlotte now finding it hard to commit to housewife life starts to struggle and hires a nanny called Aaron. Who for some reason never seems to wear a bra. Seeing her husband Harry admiring this, Charlotte starts to doubt her marriage and worries for the future of her and Harry. Carrie on the other hand has problems of her own. Celebrating their anniversary, he buys her a plasma TV for their bedroom. Annoyed at the fact she put a lot of thought into her present, buying him something personal, accuses him of just being lazy and never wanting to do anything with her. Obvious not happy with her married life, Big suggest maybe he could have two days away from her a week, this helping them have their own freedom. Samantha’s trip just comes in time…

With the girls jetting off to a land of beauty and wealth, Carrie is also in for a shock too. An old friend turns up that she least expects. Aidan and old flame of hers, whom she cheated on previous with Mr. Big, happens to be in the same market as her half way across the world. Fate, right? Now both of them in different places in life, decide to meet for dinner the next night. Catching up on the last five years. Aidan now married with three children and Carrie now married, life couldn’t be more different for each of them. Carrie now for a long time missing how she used to be, running around New York, dining with the girls and having freedom and Aidan feeling the same, single and having no responsibilities kiss each other in the moment. Feeling terrible and realizing she is happy with life and with Big, rushes tell him what she’s done. Big forgiving her, Carrie goes onto appreciate her time more with Big, and now once again embark on a journey, just the two of them.

Samantha encountering a mysterious Indiana Jones Character called Richard enjoys a short lived night of passion. Aggravating a passerby at a nearby table tells the police to arrest her for being disrespectful. No change there then. Miranda has a different role in the movie. Out of the four, she is the most settled with family life. Holding everyone together on the holiday, Miranda has finally come into her own.

A funny second installment for the fantastic movies. I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait to see it again, I may even venture to the cinema again and sit for two and half hours and see the life’s of four beautiful, stylish women. The movie pulled out all stops and never ever failed to surprise me. It was worth the two and half year wait! I can’t wait for the next now.

American Beauty Film Review


Lester Burnam (Kevin Spacey) a middle-aged suburban father, who is sick of living his routine life with his materialistic wife and hormonal daughter. Breaks free of his nine till five job and takes back to living his teenage years. Years of sleeping with any woman he could, smoking cannabis and having the least responsibility. Embarking on a journey, Lester decides to buy the car of his dreams whilst befriending the next door neighbour for drugs and getting fit. Lester begins to grow an infatuation with his daughter’s flirty best friend Angela (Mena Suvari). With a very memorable scene fantasizing about her laying in a bath of Red rose petals, signifying the passion and lust in which he desires the most. Rose petals happen to be always associated with her character without him knowing it subconsciously. Losing his relationship with his over bearing wife. Caroline like Lester is having a mid life crisis of her own. Unable to handle Lester’s new found independence and let’s say a hidden back bone, drives her over the edge. Being a career obsessed estate agent, Caroline starts an affair with her enemy Buddy Kane and like Lester takes her life back to been responsibility free.

With the husband and wife leading their separate life’s unbeknown to them how much it’s affecting their daughter Janey (Thora Birch). Having hardly any communication with her parents she finds comfort in her Voyeuristic Neighbour Ricky Fitz (Wes Bentley). Who happens to have an obsession with videotaping her and her dysfunctional family. Having a video camera permanently glued  to his hands Ricky see’s life through a different lens. Seeing the beauty in the nature of a paper bag just blowing in the wind. “Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it…and my heart is going to cave in.” Realizing they both have equally as strange families with his Father who is an ex- Marines psycho homophobic and Mother who is permanently mute. The two characters find solitude in one another. When Ricky’s freaky Father discovers something he doesn’t really want to see he beats Ricky up and throws him out of the house. Ricky asking Janey to run away to New York with him.

Now the three characters going  their separate ways, Lester explores life’s highs, inevitably bringing on the lows. Realizing he wants back his life he once had, a wife and family. Having a taste nearly of what life could be like, before it’s too late. Lester ends up consoling Ricky’s Father after their argument they had. The homophobic father who believes Lester is Gay, tries to kiss him. Lester carefully pushing him away tries to help him. Trying to cover his dirty secret up by pretending to hate Gay people, when in actual fact him being Gay himself, shoots Lester in the head to cover what he found out. With powerful monologues throughout, Sam Mendes directed American Beauty in a way which was so unique. With a catchy soundtrack with hits from the Who and Thomas Newman and a highly talented cast, American Beauty is a masterpiece of Art. When the credits rolled all I felt was I had a chance to escape for two hours into the American dream….