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Fake it or Bake it…


Every-time I have being on Holiday I have had the urge to go to the beach and try catch some of the sun. But to my annoyance being English with very fair skin, no such luck. I’m just left with the most horrific burns and worst red lines across my chest.

On my last holiday to Majorca my friend had to buy me an extra large “I love Majorca” T-shirt so I could wear it in the sea, to disguise my terrible burns. And to be quite honest its not worth the hassle and  would much rather take the quick and easy option of wearing fake tan, easier and more accessible.

I decided to try all the fake tans going.

1. Johnsons Tanning Lotion

For moisturizing, this cream is spot on. But also finding that sometimes it can feel quite sticky. I really wanted a quick tan straight away. This cream is more of an everyday body lotion which gradually tans. Even though it says its takes up to three days, I didn’t see anything. I suppose for four pounds it hasn’t really broke the bank.


2. Superdrug Solait

This tanning lotion was actually one of my favorites. My second in fact. Is was the cheapest tanning lotion I  have bought yet. It worked one of the best too. Especially on the face, it left sometimes very faint streaks, but if you do mix a little bit of moisturizer in, it does work well. The tan doesn’t take too long to develop either. I thought it was definitely worth the three pounds.


3. Rimmel Summer

This tanning lotion i find is the one that is advertised the most. My friend is a regular user of the product. It does go on the skin very well. It does last for twenty four hours, which is good so you can top it up if needed. But even if you have a speck of water hit it, it looks terrible. I just find that you are always conscious of anyone spilling anything on you or just yourself. If you didn’t have the cream with you, you would find it hard to disguise the streaks. It is one of the cheapest on the market. The good thing about it is you can wash it off very quickly, if you’re not too happy with it.


4. St Tropez

The creme de la creme of fake tans! By far my favorite. The winner of the tans. You are not left without a beautiful golden tan with this stuff. I don’t bother with the first steps of the St Tropez tanning cycle. I just always buy this Step 3 and just exfoliate before hand.

I pay Fifteen pounds for this bottle. Definitely worth the money. I never have streaks, it works instantly and you can just apply it once and it will last up to three days. It goes really well on your face too, which a lot of tans don’t. I haven’t tried the moose, i always go with the cream. I have used this product for nearly three years now and have never ever had a problem with it. Also you really do save money because the bottle does last for ages.

I will always stick with St. Tropez!



Tattoo Heaven


I have always considered getting a tattoo. On my top twenty things to do after I’m Twenty One. But on the sunny day of the Twenty Fifth of June, I finally had the balls to do it. I was with my friend Anuradha in Truro. We happened to be walking to the train station, usually we would be getting the bus. So maybe it was all “Fate” we could say.

So I slowly approached the shop. At first I walked past, then backtracked. I think due to me having such a terrible day, I wanted to something out of the ordinary. Prove myself wrong! I spoke to the guy thinking of getting one. Really thinking in the back of my head, no. But within an hour later I was sat on a chair and being tattooed. Not what I thought I would be doing on Friday afternoon.

After the panic and sweating of the thought of it, I finally got to grips with it that I will be alright. I can ask the Tattoo Artist to stop. I thought at first to have “The sky is the Limit”. The lyrics from Notorious B.I.G song. About five minutes later I went with “The key to the secret”. A personal memory and lyric from a well known song that i cherished since been at College. I sat down on the chair, grasping my friends palm. I knew I would be fine, I looked in the mirror and just focused on that thought. He started to tattoo me. The noise is more disturbing than anything, it would be better if you played music that could drowned out the vibrating noise.

After twenty long minutes of clock watching he was done. I asked him to stop twice and not to be a liar or anything but it actually didn’t hurt. I’m not joking, I wouldn’t lie to save face and I don’t have the highest pain threshold either. So if I was able to with stand it, I’m sure the rest of you can. Just make sure you know what you really want. I’m glad I did it in the end. My parents weren’t too annoyed really. I want more of them now.

Pot-Tea Training


I was walking through the town of Newquay, sick of  seeing hoody and surf shops. I started walking towards Fistral Beach. When I came across “Pot-Tea Training”. Lots of people were sat in the window painting. Me being bored i decided to go check it out. In the far end of the shop the shelves were full of new pottery waiting to be painted. There were Money Boxes, Beakers, Tea pots. I chose the rice bowl. It was five pounds for my purchase and five pounds for my studio fee.

I painted my bowl a range of colours, the childrens were alot more detailed than mine however. When you finish you leave it there to dry in the kiln for five days and then it’s ready to pickup. If you’re not in the area though you can have it posted to you.

It was great to see something different in Newquay other than another trinkett shop. I was pleased that they decided to be more inventive this time around.

Student Rights


This summer has being nothing but tiresome. Not only am i working Full time but struggling to find accommodation for me and my partner next year. What is it about Students that everyone hates? I know we can be hassle sometimes, but please don’t put us all into the same category. I am still looking for somewhere to live and I have less than five weeks left to find somewhere suitable. Where the landlord  has not requested an “Elderly professional couple” or “Not students”. I don’t understand, we are both twenty something’s, very mature and working full time to find somewhere. We don’t all go out drinking and play loud music to the early hours of the morning. It’s outrageous now how the elder generation think of us.

But to make things worse you do not need someone on the end of the phone in some poxy office asking what we are looking for and soon as we are honest and say we are students,  or working Full time as a Chamber Maid they “magically” lose our card with our details. Yeah right. Who you trying  to kid. All I can say is because i work full time at a hotel and my partner who is a Dj, we are not good enough to view property. At least I am working.  And to be quite frank what does it have to do with the housing estate agents what we do for a living anyways. As long as we can produce the right evidence of a guarantor and income, how will it effect us. I’m sick of how people are branding students. We are the ones putting back into Society and getting no help out of it.  Disgusting, no wonder University is becoming less popular with the younger generation. I’m aggravated with the lack of respect towards us. It takes so much to get into the establishment but then judged before you even start your career.

So after you have been a student for three years are you then allowed to participate within society? Or by being a student will you never be able to climb the ladder of success? Since young it is drilled into you that you need to go to University to make something of yourself, but what about when you don’t have a degree, you are then looked down on. You can’t win either way. I feel sorry for the up and coming students because when you do sign that contract of accepting your place, your signing your life away.

Soon as you are type-casted as a “Student”, you are constantly scrutinized. From banks accusing me of committing fraud because I have three bank accounts, so what if i do. Can a person not have three? I bet a Doctor of three wouldn’t be questioned. In Falmouth the locals moan because we have fifty pence bus journeys before nine o’clock at night. How is that problem for them. We haven’t made the rules up. It honestly makes you just not want to bother with it anymore. What Falmouth doesn’t seem to understand is we have brought in tourism and jobs. And aiming this as these stupid pointless housing agencies, you wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for us. As you get paid by commission. Ha.

Karaoke fever


Why is karaoke only for a selection of people?! I mean if you think about it, it’s a great night out. You and your friends all come together, have a couple of drinks and just chill out and singalong to your favourite numbers. My personal favourite being “I will survive”. However i could recommend “Its got to be perfect” by Fairground attraction. (I must admit though do not attempt Jolene, Dolly Parton, it’s hard and after the third chorus, it really starts to grind on you!)

It’s the same for bingo, i know it’s always associated with the elderly, but if you all agree with sharing money between you, its a bloody great night, especially if  you win the jackpot!!

Karaoke can be humiliating, but it’s allowed right. We aren’t asking for Madonna’s to come up and perform. Have a couple of drinks and let the mood roll. I can assure you maybe this would be a better option than going to an over packed sweaty club.

I went on holiday to Majorca with a couple of friends around a month ago and karaoke took most of our nights up. It helped meet new people, you could say an icebreaker.

Recommended songs:

1. I will survive- Gloria Gaynor

2. Im so excited- The pointer Sisters

3. Dr Jones- Aqua

4. Could it be magic-Take that

5. Like a prayer- Madonna

6. All she wants- Ace of base

7. Hot stuff- Donna Summers

8. S.O.S- ABBA

9. Fever- Peggy Lee

10. Im Horny- Mousse T

Let me know what songs you like to sing 😉

Display of the arrows


Falmouth Town gavered together on Wednesday to welcome the red arrows in.  Famous for the heart with the arrow going through it, the display wowed the crowds. The Sea View Inn public house was packed, having the best view in town, overlooking the Harbour. Neil Brooks says “It was a great show and me and family had a great day out. Only wish I could have the chance to do it”.

If you missed the show you could catch it again at Foye next week. For the rest of you plane fans out there. Bournemouth are hosting the Air Festival on the 19th-22nd of August. If you want to no more just check out this link

Shoe or not to shoe?


I always browse the Topshop website for the latest heel recruitment’s, choosing wherever i should spend my hard earnt cash on them or not.  But at the back of my head, i always have that little voice that niggles away at me and says “You know you’re not going to wear them”. The reason for this, after a good night out i always come home completely crippled and basically on my hands and knees to the taxi, this isn’t due to drinking too much though, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s just such a shame that i find it so hard to walk in them but look fantastic  if i stand still. I bought some beautiful red leather strappy numbers from River Island. They were to die for. But completely now just used for show and tell. I think Carrie Bradshaw has a lot to answer for. I really don’t know how she runs round New York in those fantastic Manolo Blahnik’s.

So i started looking at pumps, boat shoes and moccasins. I found some great ones that would still look good with my skirt. And you can get them all in different colours now. Even some quite quirky ones…. But my love for heels will always stay with me!