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Apologies and update on Paris


Hey, I’m so sorry for the lack of posts in last two weeks or so, I guess I have a lot to catch up on. First things first I’m working on my portfolio for uni at the moment, that’s taking majority of my time up. Secondly I have gained my first piece of paid work for Cornwall Today, well chuffed if it all goes to plan. And thirdly I do need to update you of my time in Paris last month, long overdue!

Trying to work out the metro system was absolute hell and also not being able to speak french! Sadly my GCSE level french failed me. You know that scene in Sex and the City, when Carrie first see’s the Eiffel Tower and she lets a cry, I was like that except I didn’t let a cry. The popular monument was breathtaking, bigger than I had imagined! The view was absolutely amazing, I’m not usually one scared of heights but on the way up in the lift I did feel slightly weird. I would recommend everyone experiences it and the price isn’t too bad for six euros!  Had to take this shot. The architecture of the city is some of the best I’ve seen. Each building is so beautiful, It makes me think of Chanel and old fashioned  Paris.

You can’t come to Paris without experiencing a Chocolat Chaud…

Paris by night.

I really like this picture, I was struggling though to take it in the cold weather, my hands were shaking that’s why the picture is slightly blurry.

I had a fabulous trip to Paris on the eurostar. I would recommend anyone using it as it only takes two and a half hours to get there from London St pancreas. The price of the tickets depends on the time of the year, mine was only sixty pounds return but I think that’s because of going in Feb. Keep a look out for cheap deals on the eurostar website, you’re bound to come across something cheap. My next stop on the map is Milan in May with my mum to pre – celebrate my graduation.


Paris Trip


The date is looming, to hand in my dissertation. I cannot wait to have the sheer relief of not panicing about the dreaded project anymore. In my defense I was writing about something I absolutely love, at least I didn’t have to force myself to write 8000 words about something I deteste.

As a treat to myself for completing the study, I have booked a trip to ‘Paris’ on the Eurostar for a very small fee of fifty eight pounds return. I had the choice between Lille, Brussels or Paris, I have never had the chance to visit France before this so chose to visit one of the fashion capitals. I will only be there for about 8 hours at the most, it was too much of a bargain to leave for less than sixty pounds return.

The first stop should be the Eiffel tower and then go have the traditional croissant breakfast in the late morning. I will even purchase a French beret to experience the culture and buy one of those I love Paris t-shirts. I’m mostly excited on deciding what to wear for the special occasion.

Also after watching Carrie Bradshaw’s trip to the romantic city, I only wish I had more time to shop and enjoy the french cuisine.

3 things I must buy in Paris:

1. Postcards – I always collect them from any place I visit

2. Have a picture at the top of the Eiffel Tower, make someone take it for me

3. Speak my GCSE french  to a waiter and order a un coca…

Italy is Eataly


For my birthday I managed to book a cheap flight with Easy jet to Bologna in Italy. It is the capital city of Emilia – Romagna and situated in the North. Unlike other cities, Bologna is quite far spread and immediate transport is recomended. The place is very laid back compared to its sister cities such as Rome and Milan and it remains to be less high class with its labels and more high street with the likes of H and M and Pull and Bear.

The train station is central and takes you straight away to nearby places such as Naples, Venice and Florence. Ideal for travelers with Saturdays offering  buy one get one free tickets on all rail journeys.

This was a fab Lasagne at a famous Italian restaurant situated in the main square. I could not go to Italy and not try the infamous cuisine. The next few pictures are from when we visited Florence for the day. This is the Baptistery building, one of the oldest in Florence. Tourists would flock here to take romantic pictures at night time.

We were quite cold at this point, temperatures had obviously dropped! Florence was a beautiful place, the streets all prepared ready for Christmas and the new year. While there I took my time to browse the large selection of Christmas street stalls with colourful pashmina’s and glass Venetian necklaces.

Meanwhile back in Bologna…

This was the first plate of food from the Chinese buffet ‘Koko’, that I’d strongly promised myself to visit from the first day of noticing it. Sadly after this plate I had a peanut allergy, much to my annoyance.

The end to what was a bellissimo holiday.

Thankyou very much for reading.

🙂 xx

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want too


Well my 23rd birthday has finally beckoned and I’m starting to feel slightly old. For example I think now if I now go out for drinks in my local town, it’ll just be full of underage children trying to cop a drink at the bar and I’ll be the odd one out.

I have never thought about been 23 before, silly I know but the end of university is near and I’ve got all these really important decisions to start making, like where will I live afterwards, will I move to a city or abroad or am I going to stay put for a year and carry on working, ya know them sort of things. I just feel overwhelmed with adulthood and it got me wondering that I should write a list of things I want to achieve in the next 23 years or so… I have this imaginary list which Im sure everyone else has secretly written down in their heads as well. These are just some of the images of what I’d like to do and see  an do in the next few years or so. We can say it’s like a dream journal of some sort. I highly recommend everyone tries it, it’s very therapeutic.

The Red Hot World Buffet


It was a sunny afternoon in Leeds, my friend kindly treated me to lunch in the ‘Red Hot world buffet’. Never one’s to turn down food, we were in heaven.

The restaurant was very posh indeed considering that it was only eight pounds per head. The décor was very well thought out, obviously travel themed, it had a departure lounge with seats behind, designed as if you were sat on the plane looking out of the window.

After been escorted to table 74, we were mesmerized by the room full of colourful and exciting cuisine. It reminded you of been on one of those all-inclusive holidays in Egypt. We had seven choices, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean and Thai. I absolutely adore Chinese chicken balls, I think I rushed to get my first helping.

You could even have a healthy option at the restaurant, they made pasta and fresh noodles to your own liking with vegetable’s and choices of meat. The Indian counter was surrounded by people waiting patiently for fresh onion bhaji’s to come out of the oven and chickpea phal to be served up.

I gathered bits and pieces from all counters; my plate was full to the brim, overflowing from the prawn crackers that I shoved on top and having to be careful not to drip the garlic mayonnaise I glooped on. We were eating potato wedges on our way round unable to wait to get back to the table. I remember holding the ques up when collecting the newly baked pizza’s out of the oven. If I could see myself now I must have looked so bloody greedy. Rosie my friend, commented on how she had never had prawn crackers with lettuce before or mango salad with pasta. Interesting combinations I must say.

After stuffing my face with a second or third helping, my eating buddy Rosie, must of had four or five in that time. We decided to be brave and then venture down to the dessert counter. Hundreds of little pots of delicious goodies waiting for us gluten’s to pick up. I tried white choc chip with ginger moose, chocolate mousse, lime jelly, blueberry cheesecake, Lemon panacotta, Strawberry bake-well’s, the list was endless. My favourite one though was the cute little crème brulees, they are the best I’ve ever had! The way the top was just slightly burnt with the treacle sugary taste, it was to die for.

I managed to capture some pictures before I destroyed the desserts on my plate, however my phone camera doesn’t give the little pots of heaven any justice.

The tip for the day – Don’t over eat and also because it’s free you don’t have to keep eating, this is my main mistake. To stop this from happening to you, just take tuppa wear and it will solve all problems.

Happy eating peeps!

(Note – The eight pound deal is only on at Lunchtime, at night the price rises to fifteen pounds, this includes sushi and other dishes)

ADDRESS: 44-48 The Light, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 8T

TEL: Reservations: 0113 244 0400

The Eden Visit


The Eden project, home to some of world’s most amazing plants, peace and tranquility are words that come to mind. Eden is the place where you come to relax, explore the rainforests and take a slow walk through the Mediterranean.

Visiting with friends, I was almost sure that they would enjoy it. Surprised that I’d never ventured to the project before, I explained that St Austelle should be called St Awful and that’s probably the reason why I haven’t been there before.

The day started with a brief train journey then catching a bus ready to transfer you, we then had to wait in line for about ten minutes. The tickets were a reasonable price to pay and also gaining a years free pass along with it, not too bad really for a student.

Entering Eden itself and some much needed photos of us three in front of the infamous globes, we looked in the first garden leading to the Egg Room. My friend Rosie, took pictures in every sight, taking about half an hour to get through the first part. While me and my other friend Ed, we scouted on a head and had to stop for Prince Charles and Camilla who happens to be the Duchess of Cornwall, to exit the main Dome. I was quite excited trying to catch a glimpse of them coming out. I had my camera ready, hoping to get a few snaps for on here, sadly not. Having waited nearly half an hour for these pompous royals, they just jumped into the nearest Mercedes and Landrover and spun off into the distance, not even waving to us or the school children above them, disgusted!

“The quicker Prince William is promoted, the better!.” A passerby said.

Finally able to enter, we were greeted with food halls, school exhibitions and the Egg. This big white egg did nothing for me whatsoever; everyone was looking at it as if it was Holy or something.

Moving on into the first dome, it had the warmest of air blowing through the entrance, enticing visitors to just stand in the doorway. Managing to walk through the crowds there were the rainforests of the likes of Bali and Indonesia. The variety of flowers and trees were phenomenal. The temperature was pushing forty degrees max, my friend as usual was taking pictures of every nook and cranny, myself and I decided to scout on a head looking for the next checkpoint. On the way round, I spotted a flower that’s now extinct from Madagascar but now flowering in different continents around the world. It has been responsible of curing hundreds of children of Leukemia in the pass. I was very impressed; even now I was inclined to taking a sneaky picture for myself.

The rainforest was a joy to see, the atmosphere was as if you were abroad, capturing the essence. After exiting the hot, hot, hot rainforest you were briefly caught by the adjoining gift shop and then took into the Mediterranean room. There was masseuses, kids storytelling shows, which were really aggravating when you’re trying to look around and its really warm with a mans voice in the background changing every second. However the roses were beautiful growing in vines up the walls and rows of vegetable patches that should be growing in Valencia, Spain. Both rooms were fantastic, great variety, interesting information and nice weather, I’ll be visiting again soon.

That afternoon there was sound checks and the Eden Project was getting ready to host a music show with Brandon Flowers. I have known them to have Pendulum in the past and Drum and Bass awards, so next time I may plan to go. The venue is a nice backdrop for shows at nighttime.

Taking a little train journey with a tractor, eco all the way that’s all I’m saying! We were brought back to the entrance not forgetting that I need to make a dash for the gift shop before we go home. I fell in love with a tiny orange tree, but its too hard for me to maintain. Instead I chose something a little easier… A cactus and a Venus fly trap. They are my favorite and fascinating to watch. Spending just under a tenner, everyone can afford.

Now my day was done, ready to get the bus again and train home. We had quite an adventure and hopefully and most probably surely will visit again soon.

Good Night