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Modern Toliet – A good place to let yourself go


Taiwan is well known for its across the board ideas. Taking Chinese and Japanese influence, they continue to pride themselves on the diverse choice of cuisine.

In Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan, a certain restaurant has caused quite a stir in the food world. In 2004 Marton Restaurant was launched with the slogan “To eat or to pee? Go to the Toilet! Deliver ur shit!” The restaurant had designed the eating space with small bathroom tables to eat off and toilet seats as chairs. That just wasn’t it though, you actually eat out of toilet too. Well not a real one, but a small plastic basin with your own choice of food in. For dessert you have a mini plastic commode to eat your chocolate ice cream out of which mimics a “dump”. The menu ranges from Korean sorak beef, Yunan Chili Chicken, pearl and milk hotpot and seafood dishes. The list is endless including Spanish and Italian dishes as well. Meal prices start from little as three pounds English currency.

However it does make you wonder where this unique idea came from? The owner has commented saying Manga was the big influence on the creation of Marton enterprises. They hope to continue to expand on ideas and restaurants and to become “The No. 1 Brand in Themed Chain Restaurants.”

Popularity has grown vastly and now having over fourteen other restaurants across Taiwan and Hong Kong. Each restaurant has a different toilet theme from a shower room, a nightclub, classic restaurant, and a games room, I’m just looking forward to what will be created next!

(Photographs courtesy of the official Modern Toilet Website)


End of the road…


Well it’s the last week of news and magazine production. I have really enjoyed this module and will still carry on uploading an article every week. I have now finished eight pieces for the website in total. I did finish my burqa article, I managed to get a quote from my friend Dilek on her thoughts of the burqa. This was an interesting one to research about as I found about alot of different cultures and that France have recently designed a bill to ban the burqa for good.

I have really got into current affairs writing and have taken a strong liking for writing about worldly issues. One thing that really caught my attention was in Turkey, on March the 8th, the people celebrated the womens international day. A lot of photographs were released in the Hurruiyet Newspaper (Main Turkish Newspaper). I will keep looking into turkey’s reoccurring problems and report on any problems in the country. I do have quite a few turkish friends and spoke to them on their feelings on women’s rights in Turkey.

My article for next week will be on Sex and the City’s fashion. I will make it quite light and cheerful, an easy read if anything.

Research into new articles


This week for News and Magazine production I’m working on a piece that’s discussing womens rights in Turkey. Last week the country celebrated the international womens day, which was one of the most important and influential events of the year. I have always been interested in the Middle East and after watching a programme on 4od – Unreported world in Turkey, I thought it was an interesting article to research into.

I spoke to a selection of my Turkish friends and asked their opinions of womens rights and how they perceive it’s involvement in the media. Some said it was exactly how it is on the news and others the opposite.

My second article that I’m working on, is a local piece involving the rumour of Gylly Beach hosting a a nudist day every week. This allowing the locals to come down and stare at one another in the buff. It was a complete surprise to me too, I don’t actually think it will go ahead to be honest, not with the uproar the locals said about the students. I wouldn’t be even that taken a back if they said it was the students fault, or it was our idea or something! I’m just going to ask as many people what they think and choose the best quote. Hopefully coming across someone who is really disgusted by it.

A week later I did bump into the people who are trying to push this into place at Gylly. Hose – 26 from Spain said that he wants England to be more European. I think it will make a great article, hopefully put some smiles on our faces!

It’s Summer Time


It’s March: the weather is absolutely terrible and everyone is probably feeling quite low. Well girls, why not take a leaf out the beautiful Barbadian, Rihanna’s book. Her new single S and M is rocking our charts at the moment and she’s never looked so vibrant. Her detail to makeup is fantastic, rocking sassy greens and yellow’s, it can help us battle though this awful winter. Summer will soon be hopefully dawning on us, so let’s get to work in catching onto Rihanna’s style!

Rihanna goes for the ultra green eyeliner and the luscious bright red/pink cheeks. Along with the red hair, this really makes it stand out. Even though she supports over a dozen looks in the video, every look involves huge amounts of outstanding style. Using green to outline the eye makes her eyes more exaggerated.

Liquid Eyeliner – Makeup Academy – Shade 1 Green – £1.00 (Bargain) Barry M – Glitter Dust in 7 Pink, Barry M – Dazzle dust in 44 Bronze. Gosh – velvet touch lipstick in Red – £6.49, Gosh – Blusher in Electric Pink – £6.49. (All products available at Superdrug)

And to make it that bit more spectacular, use a black kohl eyeliner on both bottom and top lids to get the ultimate Rihanna look. With this look you can pick any colour for the lids, just remember to not coordinate it so much.

Lady Gaga video “Telephone” featured Beyonce supporting some lovely yellow eye shadow accompanied with a thick black line of liquid eyeliner. A look that is definitely easy to achieve. This is if you would like a more subtle look. It’s not as flamboyant as Gaga herself, but still different and great for a night out.

Barry M – Dazzle Dust in Gold, £4.59 and Collection 2000 Liquid Eyeliner in Black, £2.99 which is available only at Superdrug. Rimmel – Lipgloss in Clear – £5.49

If you’re looking for more OTT, then look no further than Lady Gaga, she never fails to shock and never fails to re – invent her look. Focusing on the sultry, sexy look, Gaga tends to use a lot of Midnight blues and blacks to emphasise her dark eyes. Also by blacking out the eyebrow’s helps towards the desired effect making it more dramatic. Making the eyes have more definition. Take the midnight blue across the whole lid and work it up to a point and fill up with the Matte Black, the shimmer in the black will give it that extra sparkle.

Mac – Eye shadow in Muted bluish black, Matte – Nehru – £11.50 and Eye shadow in Black Tied in Velvet – £11.50, Eye Liner – in Prussian Blue – £13.00. All products available at Selfridges and Harrods in London or online at

Blue Eyes tend to be able to use most colours on the palette. They seem to be most versatile in the collection. Aquamarines, purples and gold’s are great at getting that natural blue essence out there. Cameron Diaz is a famous blue eyed beauty and opts to use warm gold’s and browns to also compliment her blonde hair. Silvers are lovely to use near the brow bone as it will make the eyes look brighter. Oranges are definitely an option now for blue eyes as it can create than intense look.

Colour’s to avoid – blacks and dark browns

Brown/hazel eyes look great with woody greens and natural browns. Kim Kardashian definitely knows how to get her eyes sparkling, by  using peachy tones to help bring out her natural colour. Darker Eyes you will find don’t have to be as strict with many colours, as majority will suit them.  Golden browns and silvery Grey tones are great for a more daytime look.

Colour’s to avoid – Red

Green eyes, copper colours are most popularly used. Pinks are a nice affect as it will go well with the skin tone. Warmer colours are always a must as darker and colder colours are too over the top in contrast due to the lightness of the eyes. Purple is probably most suitable for a night look, as it’s very opposite to the eye colour. Greens do get the worst press as it is hard to dress the eye up without looking like mutton dressed as lamb, they do have to be careful yet they can use lovely fiery reds and orangey tones which hazel and brown do not so well with. Heroes star Hayden Pantierre knows how to compliment her beautiful eyes by using light pinks and browns.

Colours to Avoid – Blues and yellow’s.

OCD – Yes you can!


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an increasingly well-publicized condition. According to the OCD charity website, it affects three in every one hundred people. Usually the disorder is brought on by an excess of anxiety. Not only affecting the mental but physical state, often many people go on to not been diagnosed for long periods of time.

The disorder can be from phobias of germs, people, not wanting to part with items (commonly known as hoarding), over analysis of situations and the over thinking of disturbing thoughts. Often the person will do many repetitive actions as they believe something or someone may be affected if they don’t do go through with it.

Tina, a student, recalls her personal experience of the condition. “The first time I noticed I had a problem was when I couldn’t leave the bathroom after an hour of washing my hands. I know it may sound like the obvious but I must have counted at least thirty times of washing and drying my hands. It went on for a month before I felt I could tell someone.” It’s true that many people feel guilty of having this problem or even embarrassed and often go on to feel no one will understand them. Many people suffer by themselves, hoping they can solve the problem.

The majority don’t realize how demanding the condition can become. People go on as long as a year or more without even noticing that they have it. It starts to become dangerous if it starts to affect someone’s everyday life. People have lost and quit their jobs, ended relationships, feeling there is no other option in order to cope. Tina says, “It’s hard to identify who you were before you start this. At the time I couldn’t recall when it started and how it progressed so fast. I found it incredibly hard to go to School as no one would understand what I was going through.”

The causes of the problem can be a selection of reasons but the most commonly known as a certain memory that is later triggered on in life. Not even a bad memory, just something that helps towards the growing phobia. Tina’s phobia involved one of two things: the over need of cleanliness and not wanting to part with items.

“I knew at the time what I was doing was completely wrong. I didn’t throw away any paper as I believed I had wrote something on it that was bad, I was over analyzing of situations. I couldn’t sleep at night because I had to keep checking the door to see if it was locked. It was a personal hell for me. I found it hard to talk to people as I thought they wouldn’t understand. After a while though people started noticing my hands as they were in a really bad way.”

Many famous people have even gone to discuss their battle with the terrible illness. Aviator, the movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio, depicts Howard Hughes’s battle with the disorder. Even David Beckham has commented, “I have got this obsessive compulsive disorder where I have to have everything in a straight line, or everything has to be in pairs”.

The issue is that people don’t realize that there is so much help out there for them. More and more of us are becoming infected with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and it is curable to some affect. “I visited a counselor for two years, this was helpful as she identified with me the cause of the problem and how I could stop it. It was a hard time for me, I was only 12 and didn’t really know what was happening. If it wasn’t for her I don’t think I could have done it by myself. I had so much help and people need to realize don’t suffer in silence. Anyone can develop this disorder; it has nothing to do with who you are or where you come from”.  Tina says.

If you have any inquiries on OCD, visit website – If you feel you may be developing or close to anyone who could be suffering from any of these symptoms, you should contact your local Gp for more information.

OCD – Research and Writing and Makeup tips from Lady Gaga


This week I’ve been thinking about a variety of subjects I could write about. Something that bit different, then I come across the idea of raising awareness of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Having already a close friend who suffered with the disorder I believe this would make an excellent article to read. I spoke with her and asked if she would be comfortable with sharing her thoughts on the subject.

We started with a brief history on how she conducted the disorder and how it quickly developed over a short time span. If I’m entirely honest I didn’t know too much on the matter and thinking about it, unless you have been affected by it, no one else would really. I enjoyed writing about this as I delved into my research mode and got down to it. I rang several organizations who specialize in this specific area, trying to get some quotes that would be suitable to back up my article. Unfortunately though I still haven’t heard anything from them as of yet. I’ll still keep pestering them at all costs.

Tina gave me all the key information to get my article started. She showed me her basic timetable of how her life used to run. I cant believe how much this can take over people’s lives. She did stress to me to write in the article that anyone can be affected by this and not to think they are the only one.

I have now my final draft of the piece and hopefully it will be informative enough for the reader.

My second article that I’m still drafting is a introduction to Rihanna’s makeup alongside Beyonce and Lady Gaga. I’m recommending products for the reader so they can achieve the desired look! I haven’t done anything like this before, so thought may as well give it a try. At the minute just researching online the best-est and cheapest products.

Case Study Proposal


For my assessment this term, we have been asked to conduct a case study of our own choice. While been highly interested in Newspaper Journalism, I have chosen to focus on this for my case study question. Having already a keen interest in the subject area, I feel that it will work great alongside my question.

Applying for several Newspaper publications, I chose to go with my Local town Newspaper “The Retford Times”. Growing up in place and reading the newspaper on a daily basis, will not only give me of a insight but me as a reader would love to know why it is such a popular publication in my surrounding areas. “The Retford Times” was founded in 1869 by a young man named Alexander Watson – Lyle. The Retford Times headquarters have just recently moved from a small office to its own individual building. Even though it has a high demand, it’ run by a small team.

The newspaper entails information for North Nottinghamshire and the Villages surrounding Retford. It’s a weekly produced paper and focuses on Local News and tends to have a big section for the residents thoughts. I think this is the attractive quality to the Newspaper, the locals feel they can be involved with the transformation of the market town of Retford. The Newspaper is highly sought after in Retford and after talking to Locals, they told us that they look forward to the weekly installment. After reading the recent issue it exaggerates on the fact of how the town has changed and how the people are changing with it too. Here is a quote I managed to get last week from local Sara Newton “Retford Times is a paper in which we have all read since young, if it went online I don’t think I would bother, the novelty would be gone now, I enjoy been able to buy this every week. It’s traditional for my town”.

My question for the case study is – “How are local newspapers still surviving unlike more popular publications such as The Guardian who rely more on online material”.

What I will be looking at?

My case study will be looking at the popularity of local Newspapers such as the Retford times and how it’s still surviving so well in such a small community. The Retford times will be perfect to conduct this is it is such a community based paper and looking at bigger publications such the Guardian whose sales are now suffering and having to rely now on the Online material that they produce.

What is its purpose and what question am I trying to answer?

The purpose for my case study is to research how effective online news journalism is and comparing to the printed publications. I have several ideas as to how I’m going to start my work. My case study will hopefully answer why popular publications are failing on the sales side but booming on the online spectrum. I will also take into consideration the environment where the papers are sold at and research other problems that may occur in maintaining sales.

Using specific texts to help me and also referring to recent BBC articles asking the question “Are E-books the new Newspapers?” I will also be contacting another local ran Newspapers “The Guardian” and “The Trader” which are publications that are run just outside of Retford in a place called Worksop. I’ll look into their popularity and do they use their online website much to promote themselves and their work. I think it’s a worthwhile question to answer as it is a big issue at the moment.

What will I bring to this project?

I’ll bring to this project my own love of Newspapers; however I don’t really want this to affect the final outcome of the case study. I will keep an open mind and try keeping my own presumptions away from it. I will ask the educator – Nick Purkiss (Editor) who is conducting my case study at The Retford Times, a series of questions to support my fieldwork. I’m organized and great with time keeping and will mention to him I’ am working on a case study and that I will need at least half an hour of his time, hopefully at the beginning of the work placement so I have more time to write up my findings.

I have also emailed the Guardian and The Sun, my idea for the case study and asked if they would able to give me any advice or if they have any information that will help devise my project.

Ethical Considerations

During this period of researching I’ll make sure that the person I’m interviewing is thoroughly aware of what my case study entails and the questions that they will be asked. I will not push the boundary if they felt in any way uncomfortable or just didn’t want to answer.

Date of Placement – 2/5/11 – 6/5/11

Placement Address – Nick Purkiss, The Retford Times, 32 West Street, Retford, Notts, DN22 6ES

Telephone number of Newspaper – 01777 708000

Email Address –

Personal email address –

My email address –

Blog address –