Monthly Archives: April 2011

Preparation for Case Study


I thought I would produce a pre – blogging entry of my up and coming case study at the Retford Times. At the moment I’m still in the process of researching my question for the case study. I went to the library with every intention of coming out and having my idea’s set up ready. I did come out of there, still with no question devised but with a bit more knowledge of course. I managed to borrow the Gary Thomas book “How to write a case study”, perfect for all my needs at the moment.

I’m looking forward to my placement at the local newspaper but of course I’m quite down hearted as I couldn’t afford to choose a placement in London. I would love to run round the busy streets of Islington and purchase iced coffee’s from Starbucks on my dinner break, however good things come to those who wait!

I’m thinking of applying for a placement in London in the summer at the Playstation magazine or a fashion magazine such as Grazia or Look. I’d like to choose something other than news journalism. Anyway I’ll keep you updated on my plans for case study and how the placement goes.