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Quirky finds


Hello everyone,

Its 2:16am in the morning and I’m still trawling the internet looking for new and quirky clothing barely been able to keep my eyes open.

In my teen days which seemed so long ago, I was a huge huge fan of Amy Heckerlings Film ‘Clueless’ starring Alicia Silverstone. I used to watch in awe as the fashionista ‘Cher’ would look through her computer to find which outfits were more compatible with another. It was the coolest film around and most probably till this day and still has the same affect on me and my friends as it did back then, way back in the nineties!

I clicked on Movie Tshirts and came around such a fabulous website – It has every Music and Movie T.shirt on there. I was so tempted to purchasing more than one T.shirt…. Back to Clueless and why its so cool…..

If you like this one and or looking for any specific Movie, check out the website. All tee’s are at reasonable prices, here is some of my fav’s! Just twenty pounds.

This funky Tee is definitely one I need to purchase, soon as. No other programme is better than Buffy! Team it up with some ripped jeans and boyfriend boots and lots of Eyeliner, that’s a must!


I Loved the Movie ‘Grease’ and have never managed to find a T.shirt with this design. Would look great with a pink skirt and some sandals ready for summer, you too can still be a pink Lady;)



Lady Gaga – Fashion Fix


The nation anticipates waiting for her next mark on the fashion world. When we first met Stephanie (Stage name Lady Gaga) she stepped onto our screens with ‘Just Dance’ feat Colby O Donis. Supporting her most tame look so far, she wore a white tank top with a silver sequin bra showing through and a black fitted mini skirt. Gaga looked like your ordinary American girl, with straight blonde hair and thick black sunglasses. The fashion world didn’t know what hit them after this!

Next stop was ‘Poker face’; several outfits were featured in this video, a black PVC leotard with a hat to match. I’d say this look could be based on Michelle Pffhiers outfit in Cat Woman. This video also showed her slim slender figure in a blue all in one piece with the iconic long blonde sleek hair. The bow on top of her hair set the hairdressing world to a buzz. Fashion shows started featuring the same Lady Gaga inspired look.

‘Lovegame’,I believe was the beginning of the new adaptations of Gaga. The hair was tweeked, the leotards were still making an appearance but more flesh was been on show. The Biker chick Madonna look was starting to grow through this video.

‘Bad Romance’ was the weirdest video to date. The black long dress with the gothic black crown was most talked about, it was exquisite and suited her small frame perfectly. In her main dancing scene she supported a red lace number which is simply lingerie. But she still managed to look elegant and effective even with the black boots. For some reason her face looked completely different in this video. Her look has becoming more versatile at this point.

In her debut single Telephone with Beyoncé Knowles, her American inspired look was fantastic! The headband with the matching bikini and bottoms was great and complimented Beyonces look very well. Gaga never fails to impress you. This video had a lot bad press with her looking too thin, however that may be the case, she still looks fab. Her new blonde hair is way cooler than your ordinary long blonde hair that she supported in previous videos.

In her latest singles ‘Judas’ and ‘Edge of Glory’, she had two variations. Judas was more jam packed of funky but quirky clothes. Her head pieces she wears make a key part in her sequence. “We were laughing on the set of the ‘Judas’ video — we had 50 racks of couture,” she explains, “and I wore leather, Motorhead panties made of a vintage T-shirt, custom from young designers who are my friends, my own creations, and archive Christian Lacroix from a museum.”

Edge of Glory for that matter tends to look at one outfit, her rock chick, black leather number. It’s a big Madonna theme and with the cropped blonde and black streaked hair. Gaga is probably the only one who could pull this look off. She says “Leather culture and high-street punk fashion. I would say perfecto jackets occupy most of my fashion thoughts.”

Also not forgetting her Japanese Vogue picture of her wearing all meat as a dress. Gaga went onto to  say that we should be more aware of what we are wearing.

There will be more of Gaga in the near future, I dare say. More interesting and shocking outfits to come this way, watch this space.

The Eden Visit


The Eden project, home to some of world’s most amazing plants, peace and tranquility are words that come to mind. Eden is the place where you come to relax, explore the rainforests and take a slow walk through the Mediterranean.

Visiting with friends, I was almost sure that they would enjoy it. Surprised that I’d never ventured to the project before, I explained that St Austelle should be called St Awful and that’s probably the reason why I haven’t been there before.

The day started with a brief train journey then catching a bus ready to transfer you, we then had to wait in line for about ten minutes. The tickets were a reasonable price to pay and also gaining a years free pass along with it, not too bad really for a student.

Entering Eden itself and some much needed photos of us three in front of the infamous globes, we looked in the first garden leading to the Egg Room. My friend Rosie, took pictures in every sight, taking about half an hour to get through the first part. While me and my other friend Ed, we scouted on a head and had to stop for Prince Charles and Camilla who happens to be the Duchess of Cornwall, to exit the main Dome. I was quite excited trying to catch a glimpse of them coming out. I had my camera ready, hoping to get a few snaps for on here, sadly not. Having waited nearly half an hour for these pompous royals, they just jumped into the nearest Mercedes and Landrover and spun off into the distance, not even waving to us or the school children above them, disgusted!

“The quicker Prince William is promoted, the better!.” A passerby said.

Finally able to enter, we were greeted with food halls, school exhibitions and the Egg. This big white egg did nothing for me whatsoever; everyone was looking at it as if it was Holy or something.

Moving on into the first dome, it had the warmest of air blowing through the entrance, enticing visitors to just stand in the doorway. Managing to walk through the crowds there were the rainforests of the likes of Bali and Indonesia. The variety of flowers and trees were phenomenal. The temperature was pushing forty degrees max, my friend as usual was taking pictures of every nook and cranny, myself and I decided to scout on a head looking for the next checkpoint. On the way round, I spotted a flower that’s now extinct from Madagascar but now flowering in different continents around the world. It has been responsible of curing hundreds of children of Leukemia in the pass. I was very impressed; even now I was inclined to taking a sneaky picture for myself.

The rainforest was a joy to see, the atmosphere was as if you were abroad, capturing the essence. After exiting the hot, hot, hot rainforest you were briefly caught by the adjoining gift shop and then took into the Mediterranean room. There was masseuses, kids storytelling shows, which were really aggravating when you’re trying to look around and its really warm with a mans voice in the background changing every second. However the roses were beautiful growing in vines up the walls and rows of vegetable patches that should be growing in Valencia, Spain. Both rooms were fantastic, great variety, interesting information and nice weather, I’ll be visiting again soon.

That afternoon there was sound checks and the Eden Project was getting ready to host a music show with Brandon Flowers. I have known them to have Pendulum in the past and Drum and Bass awards, so next time I may plan to go. The venue is a nice backdrop for shows at nighttime.

Taking a little train journey with a tractor, eco all the way that’s all I’m saying! We were brought back to the entrance not forgetting that I need to make a dash for the gift shop before we go home. I fell in love with a tiny orange tree, but its too hard for me to maintain. Instead I chose something a little easier… A cactus and a Venus fly trap. They are my favorite and fascinating to watch. Spending just under a tenner, everyone can afford.

Now my day was done, ready to get the bus again and train home. We had quite an adventure and hopefully and most probably surely will visit again soon.

Good Night


Talk to Skank – Dubstep event


If I’m perfectly honest with you, Dubstep has never been my favourite genre of music. So when I was persuaded to attend local event Talk to Skank instead of Frank, I wasn’t the most excited. Being swayed to come due to knowing the organizer and some of the Dj’s, I just thought I would have the repetitive beat in my head that sounds like construction work not music. However after the first hour Dj Lok Chi aka Hong Kong Badman joined the stage. Dropping hip-hop and Rnb beats it was pleasant to hear a different kind of music other than Dubstep.

As the night went on I found I actually started to respect Dubstep for the craftsmanship that surrounded it. These Dj’s have to put a lot of work into this, more than you realize. Before I think I was just blinded by the whole image of it. Kry Wolf, one of the main acts for the night funded the event alongside Dj Beno who organized it; he said “Talk to Skank was great everybody having a good “Skank” and no problems as all nights should be.”

Mark 1 who was the main act of the night had the highest of confidence of all, just sat waiting behind stage playing Solitaire on his iphone. The crowd absolutely went for it, jumping and stomping, the dance floor just kept getting more filled by the hour. A mixture of locals and students, everyone was there for just a good night. I can say my opinion of Dubstep has changed and will attend more events like this in the future. I hope another event like this will be on soon, we need a change every now and then from downtown Falmouth. Highly recommend for a great night out and in your budget region too, cheap as chips.



I decided to abort the land of Falmouth for a while and visit the beautiful land of Bath to see a couple of close friends. Leaving Cornwall full of rain and cold weather, I was only welcomed with the same charade at Bath Spa train station. Fiona greeted me at the blusty station and headed towards our first stop, Mcdonalds.

I’ve been to Bath before, not far from its neighboring industrial city of Bristol, Bath offers the visitor a selection of activities. We didn’t manage to visit the Roman baths but I do hear it’s a great experience. The Abbey makes the city picturesque, ‘Proud to be British’ is what comes to mind. With its Gothic features and beautiful architecture, it almost mimics cathedrals in the likes of Barcelona and Rome.

My friend is a huge fan of the Jane Austen Book, Pride and Prejudice. At the side of the museum, the tearoom is a delight to sit in. The only thing that lets the place down was not only the staff not allowing you to sit where you would like too but claiming they can get to you better if you sit in the corner with hardly no space and the table slumping to one side, hardly easy is it? Maybe I should of suggested using one of the over priced Pride and Prejudice books in the gift shop to prop the table up straight. It wasn’t even as if they had more than two other people in than us, never mind I shall put it down to experience I guess. The 9.20 cost for ladies afternoon tea was quite steep for one sandwich cut into four with a tea of your choice and a scone. Me and my friend in the end decided to halve the cost, in my words all I can say is a what a complete rip – off! At least Fiona really enjoyed the afternoon.

I was won over by the choice of highstreet shops that were to offer. Falmouth doesn’t have anything other than New Look which is okay but sometimes it would be nice to have a few choices. Whilst there I indulged in H&M and also took part in the Teddybear workshop. I bought my boyfriend a panda teddy with a voice recording. I’d highly recommend this for any age group, everyone loves cuddly toys, even men!

The city has a lovely atmosphere with street performances and poetry readings. On Saturday mornings they have a small farmers market where I tried the most amazing chilli cheese. I’m still on the lookout for it now, would go down nice with a bacon sandwich. And on every last sunday of the month there is a Vintage fair at the same place.

My favorite thing to do was visit Baths Theatre Royal, to watch Joseph and the Technicolor dream coat. We took a while choosing our seats and settling on a great deal of 6 pounds per ticket. This is the cheapest theatre show I have ever seen! I wasn’t fussed about being high up, I just really liked the music. Meanwhile getting ready in cue we got upgraded to sixth row tickets. Usually those tickets are 19-33 pounds each, bargain. The set design was fabulous, more technical than the London production I saw starring Gareth Gates. I enjoyed the show as they added a different spin to it. Keith Jack who portrayed Joseph was a lovely singer and also great to meet. Me and Fiona waited patiently at the stage door and managed to meet the dashing singer and grab an autograph at the same time.

After five days of running round the city, meeting Joseph, shopping, going to church, meeting drunken fools, I had an excellent time meeting up with friends and look forward to going again sometime soon.