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Easter break


Happy Easter everyone!

These last couple of weeks have been crazy. I’ve become so so lazy with my blog posts, I’m just making most of my time off work and University. Most of my holidays has been spent in front of the television and pigging out on pre easter chocolate eggs and cakes. I know I’ve put the weight on…

Here is just a round up of what I’ve been upto.

Firstly I went to visit a close friend in Essex, lovely spending time with her again. I had the infamous spray tan at Lauren Goodgers salon in Buckhurst Hill, sampled some delicious home cooked Indian food, traveled  around London and managed to browse my old vintage shops in the east end. I found the most amazing pair of lime green levi shorts from Brick Lane, such a bargain! I absolutely adore London, I think I have a love affair going off with the place, wish I could live there again.

The second week was spent back in my hometown with my best friend Holly. We went to the local fair, going on the bumper cars numerous times, who knew driving cars into one another could be so much fun. Ha!

I’ve had a great time back home, it’s so lovely to just relax and see old friends and family again. I’ll be back in Cornwall over the next few days or so.

So just to let you know I’ve not completely abandoned my blog, I will be returning to my weekly posts and choosing my pick of the week and reflecting on my last couple of months at University. These last three years have gone so fast!!!

Hope you enjoy reading my future posts and the rest of your Easter Sunday!


International Women’s Day


International women’s day was celebrated in style last Thursday in the guildhall building, Plymouth. Plymouth City Council and its partners organized the event gathering hundreds of women to raise awareness of the victorious day.

Plymouth chose to go with the theme of education to encourage ladies around the world how to unlock their own potential.

Many business outlets joined the event including the Royal Navy, Wild and Plymouth University.

Bev Smerdon, development officer for the Plymouth Centre of faiths and culture diversity said “I think its raised people’s awareness of the wider range of options for women across the city. It’s done its best by bringing the whole range of different perspectives.”

Visitors had the chance to listen to inspiring talks run by the Military wives choir, entrepreneur Bev Hurley, Tania West (Wild) and Professor Wendy Purcell. Craft shops and workshops were held throughout the morning and late afternoon.

Natalie Crinkett of Saltash said, “I travel every year to this event. I think it’s always a success, always encouraging young girls. My daughter came with me this year and she’s really opened her eyes at the possibilities and opportunities out there for herself and her own future.”


PPA awards – outfit choices!


Having won the chance to travel to London this week with uni for the PPA awards at UCL, I’m very much excited and also carefully planning what I’ll be wearing to the important event. Firstly I bought your ordinary pin stripped pink shirt  for the special occasion, then after finding my next purchase I quickly changed my mind and took it back.

I decided to check out Dorothy Perkins, sometimes they do have some cute bits in and also great sales items which I’ve found in the pass. This is when I came across an ordinary black and greyish white dress from the boutique, UTTAM london. I didn’t think too much of it when it was on the hanger, it looked quite dull and boring. Usually I would look for the brightest thing in the shop as I quite like clash items, but not this time round. I decided to try it on and put some small kitten boots with it for height and you know what, it actually looked really effective. Also a bargain at fifteen pounds and after using my student card, it came down to a small twelve pounds. I’ll let you know how it all goes when I come back on Friday.

This blue blazer was bought from HNM in Italy at Christmas time for twenty euros. I think the contrast of the colour’s will look fab with the dress.

🙂 x

Dissertation hand in


Well, well , well, judgement day has finally come! To let you all know, I finally gave in my bloody dissertation, entitled “An investigation into the media reception of Sex and the City”. I can’t believe that I have actually managed to complete an 8,267 word research project all by myself. I’m actually quite proud after the last two months I’ve put myself through. I will never be able to watch ‘Sex and the City‘ the same again.

I really enjoyed writing the piece, it’s almost awakened my passion for writing, which I felt I’d lost since starting this degree. My main passion in life is to explore and learn new things, I learnt so much from this investigation process. Before this I didn’t know about the different terms of Feminism or Chick Literature and Feminine gaze. It was ever so interesting and hopefully get me into the habit of writing more often.

In terms of the next semester at Uni, I’m going  to plan new idea’s for my portfolio and devise a plan for my publishing project, I can’t wait!

Why do we all get so bloody down about Dissertations?


At the moment there’s hundreds of worried faces in the library, covering the desks and none of them daring to look away from the computer screens. And theirs me munching away, not having a care in the world, accept I have an 8000 word draft in for less than two weeks. I don’t know what I’ve been doing…procrastinating on Facebook I expect and checking emails and scrolling through ebay. I have had my question changed ultimately three times in the last couple of weeks. I don’t think I can take anymore. I’ve just got to remember, just breathe and take deep breaths.

I was in the library the other day and all I could hear was the smashing sound of beating fingers hitting the computer keys. The noise sounding like a loud thud against my empty skull. I couldn’t console myself and in the end I had to go to the toilet and let out a short cry. I was struggling to fight back the tears in the book stacks. This particular day didn’t go down too well and all I could think was I stupid? Why has everyone completed three or four thousand words…and I haven’t? These thoughts kept spinning around in my head like a washing machine. I just couldn’t write one line before pressing the delete button and in the end I had to leave and go eat a burger to put my mind at rest. That’s the thing you see…food is the escapism. If you eat something nice, well if I eat something nice, It always seems to make things better. Some people like to go shopping or have a calming cigarette, for me food is my savior. I think by the end of these two months of crafting and carving away, safe can say that I will probably have gained about two stone in extra weight. Hopefully in the future I will not have to keep resulting in McDonald’s cheeseburgers to calm my nerves.

I intend to stay focused these next two weeks and take in as much information as my little brain can. I have my list of books and a stock of orange lucozade and series two Buffy to watch in between time off writing and I shall keep telling myself I will be OKAY.

My chosen question which hopefully will not be swapped and changed yet again is: An investigation into the reception of Sex and the City. Very girly I know, but at least it’s something I like to write about. I couldn’t think of anything worse than to write about something that you deteste for the next two months!

If you are worried about dissertations and feeling like myself here, try not to worry, it’s not all and be end all and my only advice is stay calm and have a burger 😉

Lets get into the society spirit


Last week I joined in with the new students to attend freshers fayre. Everyone’s always in good spirits and passing on new and exciting activities to participate. This year was the busiest yet, gathering around the Balti curry and dominoes stalls for free grub.

Every year I always set myself this goal at attempting to join one or more societies, this never ever happens. I was kind of involved with the debating union last year but it didn’t really last. So this year I chose to join the Drama group commonly known as ‘Feccles’. I went along to the second meeting and met a really nice group of people. Everyone was so friendly and interesting to talk too. I have been known to struggle with the usual friend making ritual down in the land of Falmouth. I find it can be quite hard to break into a new group of people.

For three years I studied Performing Arts at college before University and it was always something I wanted to get back into at some point. We played the usual drama games and improv. We’re even auditioning next week for our first play called ‘The devils avacado’. There are a couple of main parts coming up so wish me luck. I’ll have to brush up on the old remembering lines techniques but I’m sure I’ll get back into it.

If you’re a student reading this, definitely sign up for societies, its a great ice breaker and hopefully you will have a good laugh and make some friends in the process.

Dissertation worries


I guess I can’t enjoy all the summer as I know I have a hard year to return back to in October. The word dissertation really scares us as students, 10,000 words on one subject that you probably won’t enjoy writing about!

This year I have gathered my thoughts and wondered why I chose Journalism as a degree and If I feel I can succeed in this chosen profession. This is what scares me about the final project for this year. I’m worried I might not be passionate enough to find a subject I want to write in that deeper depth about.

Tomorrow is the first day that I will be starting this search for my dissertation. And also I don’t want to be one of those who leaves it until the last minute, I don’t have a very good past track record for this, off to work I must go. I’ll let you know how it all goes!