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PPA awards – outfit choices!


Having won the chance to travel to London this week with uni for the PPA awards at UCL, I’m very much excited and also carefully planning what I’ll be wearing to the important event. Firstly I bought your ordinary pin stripped pink shirt ¬†for the special occasion, then after finding my next purchase I quickly changed my mind and took it back.

I decided to check out Dorothy Perkins, sometimes they do have some cute bits in and also great sales items which I’ve found in the pass. This is when I came across an ordinary black and greyish white dress from the boutique, UTTAM london. I didn’t think too much of it when it was on the hanger, it looked quite dull and boring. Usually I would look for the brightest thing in the shop as I quite like clash items, but not this time round. I decided to try it on and put some small kitten boots with it for height and you know what, it actually looked really effective. Also a bargain at fifteen pounds and after using my student card, it came down to a small twelve pounds. I’ll let you know how it all goes when I come back on Friday.

This blue blazer was bought from HNM in Italy at Christmas time for twenty euros. I think the contrast of the colour’s will look fab with the dress.

ūüôā x


Dissertation hand in


Well, well , well, judgement day has finally come! To let you all know, I finally gave in my bloody dissertation, entitled “An investigation into the media¬†reception¬†of Sex and the City”.¬†I can’t believe that I have actually managed to complete an 8,267 word research project all by myself. I’m actually quite proud after the last two months I’ve put myself through. I will never be able to watch ‘Sex and the City‘ the same again.

I really enjoyed writing the piece, it’s almost awakened my passion for writing, which I felt I’d lost since starting this degree. My main passion in life is to explore and learn new things, I learnt so much from this investigation process. Before this I didn’t know about the different terms of Feminism or Chick Literature and Feminine gaze. It was ever so interesting and hopefully get me into the habit of writing more often.

In terms of the next semester at Uni, I’m going ¬†to plan new idea’s for my portfolio and devise a plan for my publishing project, I can’t wait!