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What to wear at Gylly Beach


Now it’s that time of year, where students flock to the infamous beach hotspots of Cornwall and enjoy their well-deserved English summer. But before heading to all the local bbqs and surfer sessions, you need to find that perfect two-piece to show your beach bod off. What better way than to enjoy those gorgeous sunsets over the sea with swimwear to match?

Topshop have some great additions this year, bringing us the popular aztec print.

£26.00                                                                                                                                        £28.00

If  fuller swim suits are more your style try Topshop’s bathing suit range. There’s some cute little numbers which are very Marilyn Monroe inspired, perfect for that beach beauty.

£32.00                                                                                                                                    £32.00

The floral print is fabulous for Falmouths hot spot ‘Gylly Beach’. Team this up with some sandals and sarong and off you go, you’re ready for summer!

Images: Topshop.com


Leighton Meester inspired looks


We all love her and they can’t stop talking about her since her first appearance in top american television programme, Gossip Girl. She has become one of my favourite fashion guru’s at the moment. Move over Sarah Jessica parker! Here are some of her inspired looks.

Red vest top, George atAsda – Price – £3.00

Moto  Jeans, Topshop – Price – Price: £38.00

There are so many sailor inspirations that I found on the web. The best imitation that I found was on Etsy.com, which specializes in vintage inspired pieces.

To make this a more fitted outfit, you could attach a white belt like Leighton has to hers.

This next photo is taken from one of the episodes of Gossip Girl. Her character Blair Warldorf never has a bad day. This look is fabulous for the daytime, smart and sophisticated and ready for an important meeting. This is definitely a head turner.

Frilly White Chiffon Blouse, Matalan – price – £16.99

Black Pencil Skirt, Asos – Price – £15.00

Codello Tassel Print Silk Scarf, Asos – price – £25.95

Leighton never forgets to accessrize with her outfits, you can pick up some vintage pearl bracelets cheap on Ebay or specialised websites. Her look reminds me very much of Chanel.

You can catch Leighton on Monday nights on itv 1 in Gossip Girl.

Hope you like her inspired looks. Please feel free to email me any idea’s or fashionistas you would like me to research. Thanks for reading.


Valentines Special


It’s nearly the day all young women are waiting for, ‘Valentines Day’. Personally I don’t see what the big ‘hoo haa’ is all about. It’s one day a year where men and women spend a fortune on gifts for each other. Instead of spending that huge amount of money, why not award yourself with a nice dress or top. You could both go out for a nice meal and have a budget where both of you spend thirty pounds or so on yourselves.

Here are some Valentines suggestions:

Great suggestion from Topshop –  Price: £36.00

Will look great with some white or maybe cream heels. This can be worn as a vintage little number with a cute blazer.

Hot Pink draping front dress from Topshop – Price: £46.00

Dress this up with some black sexy heels and curl you hair, will compliment the dress very well. This type of dress will great with some chunky accessories such as gold bracelets and long flowing earrings.

Slightly more expensive than the previous ones, this is very romantic number in baby pink – Topshop – Price: £65.00

Sandals or heels would be suitable for this look. Your hair could be styled to a side bun with curls hanging down. Think inspiration from Hayden Panettiere and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Eve Mendes looks great in this shade of pink, the metallic silver shoes look fabulous with the style of dress.

SJP always knows how to dress up anything and make it cool and sexy. This studded belt breaks the colour of the dress up and makes it a bit more rock inspired. The pearls still remind you of the femininity of the dress.

Another Valentines special worn by Amanda Byrnes. She tops it off with some wedged sandals.

Thank you reading this post, hope you enjoyed it. And remember don’t throw away a ridiculous amount of money on one day a year, it should be valentines every day, remember that…

NYE Outfits!


For most of the UK and women alike they will be trawling the sales racks looking for something new to wear on Saturday night. After all the christmas hype and over spending on food, this is one day a year where we can safely say it’s okay to be over the top with our dress sense. Essex girl Lauren Goodger knows how to dress up in style.

Online stores such as Asos and Boohoo have some great evening dress’s for the special occasion. Dorothy Perkins have an execellent sale on at the moment, especially the shoes. Here is some idea’s for you to experiment with –

Lipsy Ruffle One Shoulder Dress

Warehouse Sequin Dress – Available at Asos

This would look fabulous with some Topshop Studded Heels :

If you’re into the skater girl look, maybe this dress would be your taste. Lovely silk material which can be worn with delicate accessories or if feeling really daring with some hot red heels. Also available at Asos.

If you happen to be quite Boho or looking for that last little unusual piece to finish off an outfit, headpieces have become quite popular with celebrities such as Pixie Lott and Florence Welch, this could be what you’re looking for :

Hope you enjoyed this article and that it gave you some cool party idea’s. Happy holidays everyone, can’t wait until 2012!

Animal Fashion


Trends come and go as you may well know. However there is still one trend that remains in our high-street shops is leopard print. I never knew Pat Butcher could be in fashion, eh? Well she certainly is but obviously we would keep it a little lower key. Cruella De Ville the Dalmatian print has started making appearance in top brands such as Topshop, Newlook and River Island. This is just some of the items on sale.

Try this beige leopard print bag for a smart and stylish look, width 30cm, height 27cm.

Price – £40.00 – River Island

Try this with some black tights and cute little wedges.

Price – £26.00 – Topshop

Team these up with a white dress and black gloves, to keep that cruella effect!

Price – £100.00 – Topshop – Mary Jane Ribbon

Maybe this could match the shoes above? Great bargain!

Price – £18.00 – River Island