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Pick of the day


I think these are adorable. I love the little bit of coloured detail showing through the top. These would look great with most outfits, especially for the  summer months. A skirt would accompany them very well and give off that bohemian vibe, ideal for a festival? What do you think?

If you are interested in them, then go to the River Island website they have a large selection of boots and sandals. http://www.riverisland.com/Online/women/shoes–boots/ankle-boots/dark-beige-tassel-ankle-boots–617533

Price – £65.00


My pick’s of the week


I know I should just pick one, but this week I’ll be naughty and pick three, enjoy!

Chelsea Girl, River Island – price – £20.00

Chelsea Girl, River Island – price – £30.00

River Island – price – £16.00

Hope you like these pieces, enjoy!


Lydia Bright inspired Clothing


Towie’s fourth episode was on this week already. Nearly half way through the series now, the women of the show never fail to impress us with there costume choices. Lydia Bright in particular graces us with the best vintage and chick designs. This week she looked glam in a simple pink blazer with cute mini shorts. While she looks great, this doesn’t stop us looking like her too. Here are some ideas and inspirations of Miss Bright.

This shade of pink looks great with Lydia’s blonde locks. Blazers give that complete look to an outfit, they can be worn dressed up or down.

River Island – £40.00

White Ruffle shirt, River Island – £28.00

Not too sure if this is the exact pair Lydia is wearing on the shot. This is the closest comparison that could be found to these. They do say the tweed effect is coming back into fashion now. These are cute pair of shorts which look great with her cream coloured shirt.

River Island – £30.00

Even though her shoes aren’t visible, Heels or boots would look nice with this outfit. If you’re on a budget you could try –

River Island – £40.00

These are my favourite, I think I will have to save up for these bad boys.

River Island – £60.00

Lydia Bright is turning into one of the new British fashion gurus. I look forward to seeing more of her new styles in the upcoming episodes of Towie.

You go Lydia! x

Animal Fashion


Trends come and go as you may well know. However there is still one trend that remains in our high-street shops is leopard print. I never knew Pat Butcher could be in fashion, eh? Well she certainly is but obviously we would keep it a little lower key. Cruella De Ville the Dalmatian print has started making appearance in top brands such as Topshop, Newlook and River Island. This is just some of the items on sale.

Try this beige leopard print bag for a smart and stylish look, width 30cm, height 27cm.

Price – £40.00 – River Island

Try this with some black tights and cute little wedges.

Price – £26.00 – Topshop

Team these up with a white dress and black gloves, to keep that cruella effect!

Price – £100.00 – Topshop – Mary Jane Ribbon

Maybe this could match the shoes above? Great bargain!

Price – £18.00 – River Island

River Island Ankle Boots


Recently as the summer’s starting to end, I’ve been looking to find a nice comfty but stylish pair of ankle boots. I really like the look of the baggy mini dress’s and brightly coloured tights with them. A pair of these boots would surely do the job and also appropriate for the autumn/winter months.

Price –  £75.00

Maybe try them with this….

You can find this dress and many more like this at – http://www.cutiecode.com

Shoe or not to shoe?


I always browse the Topshop website for the latest heel recruitment’s, choosing wherever i should spend my hard earnt cash on them or not.  But at the back of my head, i always have that little voice that niggles away at me and says “You know you’re not going to wear them”. The reason for this, after a good night out i always come home completely crippled and basically on my hands and knees to the taxi, this isn’t due to drinking too much though, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s just such a shame that i find it so hard to walk in them but look fantastic  if i stand still. I bought some beautiful red leather strappy numbers from River Island. They were to die for. But completely now just used for show and tell. I think Carrie Bradshaw has a lot to answer for. I really don’t know how she runs round New York in those fantastic Manolo Blahnik’s.

So i started looking at pumps, boat shoes and moccasins. I found some great ones that would still look good with my skirt. And you can get them all in different colours now. Even some quite quirky ones…. But my love for heels will always stay with me!