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Apologies and update on Paris


Hey, I’m so sorry for the lack of posts in last two weeks or so, I guess I have a lot to catch up on. First things first I’m working on my portfolio for uni at the moment, that’s taking majority of my time up. Secondly I have gained my first piece of paid work for Cornwall Today, well chuffed if it all goes to plan. And thirdly I do need to update you of my time in Paris last month, long overdue!

Trying to work out the metro system was absolute hell and also not being able to speak french! Sadly my GCSE level french failed me. You know that scene in Sex and the City, when Carrie first see’s the Eiffel Tower and she lets a cry, I was like that except I didn’t let a cry. The popular monument was breathtaking, bigger than I had imagined! The view was absolutely amazing, I’m not usually one scared of heights but on the way up in the lift I did feel slightly weird. I would recommend everyone experiences it and the price isn’t too bad for six euros!  Had to take this shot. The architecture of the city is some of the best I’ve seen. Each building is so beautiful, It makes me think of Chanel and old fashioned  Paris.

You can’t come to Paris without experiencing a Chocolat Chaud…

Paris by night.

I really like this picture, I was struggling though to take it in the cold weather, my hands were shaking that’s why the picture is slightly blurry.

I had a fabulous trip to Paris on the eurostar. I would recommend anyone using it as it only takes two and a half hours to get there from London St pancreas. The price of the tickets depends on the time of the year, mine was only sixty pounds return but I think that’s because of going in Feb. Keep a look out for cheap deals on the eurostar website, you’re bound to come across something cheap. My next stop on the map is Milan in May with my mum to pre – celebrate my graduation.


Paris Trip


The date is looming, to hand in my dissertation. I cannot wait to have the sheer relief of not panicing about the dreaded project anymore. In my defense I was writing about something I absolutely love, at least I didn’t have to force myself to write 8000 words about something I deteste.

As a treat to myself for completing the study, I have booked a trip to ‘Paris’ on the Eurostar for a very small fee of fifty eight pounds return. I had the choice between Lille, Brussels or Paris, I have never had the chance to visit France before this so chose to visit one of the fashion capitals. I will only be there for about 8 hours at the most, it was too much of a bargain to leave for less than sixty pounds return.

The first stop should be the Eiffel tower and then go have the traditional croissant breakfast in the late morning. I will even purchase a French beret to experience the culture and buy one of those I love Paris t-shirts. I’m mostly excited on deciding what to wear for the special occasion.

Also after watching Carrie Bradshaw’s trip to the romantic city, I only wish I had more time to shop and enjoy the french cuisine.

3 things I must buy in Paris:

1. Postcards – I always collect them from any place I visit

2. Have a picture at the top of the Eiffel Tower, make someone take it for me

3. Speak my GCSE french  to a waiter and order a un coca…