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My pick’s of the week


I know I should just pick one, but this week I’ll be naughty and pick three, enjoy!

Chelsea Girl, River Island – price – £20.00

Chelsea Girl, River Island – price – £30.00

River Island – price – £16.00

Hope you like these pieces, enjoy!



Maybelline Gel eyeliner


I’ve been looking for a good liquid eyeliner for quite some time now and after many attempts, I always just end up picking the same one by Collection 2000. This time I fancied trying a gel liner to gain the oriental look.

Superdrug has had a sale on some of their makeup lines recently such as Rimmel and Maybelline. This is when I came across the new Maybelline gel eyeliner. Well it wasn’t particularly a new item as such but relatively new on the market. It was in the sale for five pounds reduced from ten, so I thought I may as well try this out.

The pro’s about this eyeliner is that you can secure that sleek/grungy eyeliner effect. The Made in Chelsea girls support this look in several of the episodes in the second season. If you are into the eye flick like many asian ladies, this is a great eyeliner to use. It gives you that ever so lasting sophistication. And it comes with a cute little brush that’s great for fitting in your handbag at the last minute.

Overall – 4.5/5