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Lydia Bright inspired Clothing


Towie’s fourth episode was on this week already. Nearly half way through the series now, the women of the show never fail to impress us with there costume choices. Lydia Bright in particular graces us with the best vintage and chick designs. This week she looked glam in a simple pink blazer with cute mini shorts. While she looks great, this doesn’t stop us looking like her too. Here are some ideas and inspirations of Miss Bright.

This shade of pink looks great with Lydia’s blonde locks. Blazers give that complete look to an outfit, they can be worn dressed up or down.

River Island – £40.00

White Ruffle shirt, River Island – £28.00

Not too sure if this is the exact pair Lydia is wearing on the shot. This is the closest comparison that could be found to these. They do say the tweed effect is coming back into fashion now. These are cute pair of shorts which look great with her cream coloured shirt.

River Island – £30.00

Even though her shoes aren’t visible, Heels or boots would look nice with this outfit. If you’re on a budget you could try –

River Island – £40.00

These are my favourite, I think I will have to save up for these bad boys.

River Island – £60.00

Lydia Bright is turning into one of the new British fashion gurus. I look forward to seeing more of her new styles in the upcoming episodes of Towie.

You go Lydia! x


Paris Trip


The date is looming, to hand in my dissertation. I cannot wait to have the sheer relief of not panicing about the dreaded project anymore. In my defense I was writing about something I absolutely love, at least I didn’t have to force myself to write 8000 words about something I deteste.

As a treat to myself for completing the study, I have booked a trip to ‘Paris’ on the Eurostar for a very small fee of fifty eight pounds return. I had the choice between Lille, Brussels or Paris, I have never had the chance to visit France before this so chose to visit one of the fashion capitals. I will only be there for about 8 hours at the most, it was too much of a bargain to leave for less than sixty pounds return.

The first stop should be the Eiffel tower and then go have the traditional croissant breakfast in the late morning. I will even purchase a French beret to experience the culture and buy one of those I love Paris t-shirts. I’m mostly excited on deciding what to wear for the special occasion.

Also after watching Carrie Bradshaw’s trip to the romantic city, I only wish I had more time to shop and enjoy the french cuisine.

3 things I must buy in Paris:

1. Postcards – I always collect them from any place I visit

2. Have a picture at the top of the Eiffel Tower, make someone take it for me

3. Speak my GCSE french  to a waiter and order a un coca…

Bad Teacher wardrobe


Last week I had the pleasure in watching, ‘Bad Teacher’ starring the beautiful Cameron Diaz. Been meaning to watch it for a while as I missed it when it was at the cinema.

Cameron Diaz’s character, ‘Elizabeth’, was so funny, she portrayed the evil woman who stops at nothing very well. Her character ‘Elizabeth’, oozed confidence and sex appeal, what every woman should have. She wore heels and fitted dress’s to look sexy and smart, always looking presentable.

This is what gave me the idea of every week I could research and find similar high street items for us to copy and wear. If there is anyone you would like me to feature on here, please let me know! I’m thinking of looking at Zooey Deschanel next week from ‘500 days of summer’.

Here are some of the examples I found:

Everyone needs a good pair of black heels. Available at ASOS – £40.00

This red pencil skirt dress from ASOS is also £40.00. Great for curve making, match up with some accessories, you can dress it up for day and night.

 This cute clutch could finish the outfit off , it gives it that sophisticated edge to it. Also availble at ASOS- £15.00

This can be an alternative, the traditional pencil skirt with a fitted white shirt, looks great for formal meetings and interviews. ASOS – £25.00

I hope you liked which items I have chosen, this is the first of these type of posts that I’m trying out. Please let me know what you think and give me some feedback…

Thanks Jo x

NYE Outfits!


For most of the UK and women alike they will be trawling the sales racks looking for something new to wear on Saturday night. After all the christmas hype and over spending on food, this is one day a year where we can safely say it’s okay to be over the top with our dress sense. Essex girl Lauren Goodger knows how to dress up in style.

Online stores such as Asos and Boohoo have some great evening dress’s for the special occasion. Dorothy Perkins have an execellent sale on at the moment, especially the shoes. Here is some idea’s for you to experiment with –

Lipsy Ruffle One Shoulder Dress

Warehouse Sequin Dress – Available at Asos

This would look fabulous with some Topshop Studded Heels :

If you’re into the skater girl look, maybe this dress would be your taste. Lovely silk material which can be worn with delicate accessories or if feeling really daring with some hot red heels. Also available at Asos.

If you happen to be quite Boho or looking for that last little unusual piece to finish off an outfit, headpieces have become quite popular with celebrities such as Pixie Lott and Florence Welch, this could be what you’re looking for :

Hope you enjoyed this article and that it gave you some cool party idea’s. Happy holidays everyone, can’t wait until 2012!

Animal Fashion


Trends come and go as you may well know. However there is still one trend that remains in our high-street shops is leopard print. I never knew Pat Butcher could be in fashion, eh? Well she certainly is but obviously we would keep it a little lower key. Cruella De Ville the Dalmatian print has started making appearance in top brands such as Topshop, Newlook and River Island. This is just some of the items on sale.

Try this beige leopard print bag for a smart and stylish look, width 30cm, height 27cm.

Price – £40.00 – River Island

Try this with some black tights and cute little wedges.

Price – £26.00 – Topshop

Team these up with a white dress and black gloves, to keep that cruella effect!

Price – £100.00 – Topshop – Mary Jane Ribbon

Maybe this could match the shoes above? Great bargain!

Price – £18.00 – River Island