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What to wear at Gylly Beach


Now it’s that time of year, where students flock to the infamous beach hotspots of Cornwall and enjoy their well-deserved English summer. But before heading to all the local bbqs and surfer sessions, you need to find that perfect two-piece to show your beach bod off. What better way than to enjoy those gorgeous sunsets over the sea with swimwear to match?

Topshop have some great additions this year, bringing us the popular aztec print.

£26.00                                                                                                                                        £28.00

If  fuller swim suits are more your style try Topshop’s bathing suit range. There’s some cute little numbers which are very Marilyn Monroe inspired, perfect for that beach beauty.

£32.00                                                                                                                                    £32.00

The floral print is fabulous for Falmouths hot spot ‘Gylly Beach’. Team this up with some sandals and sarong and off you go, you’re ready for summer!

Images: Topshop.com


Article published in Wed Magazine


I just caught the latest issue of Wed Magazine. I’m really happy because one of the articles I was working on has been published! This is definitely something I can put on my CV now.

Check it out on: Page 128


The Eden Visit


The Eden project, home to some of world’s most amazing plants, peace and tranquility are words that come to mind. Eden is the place where you come to relax, explore the rainforests and take a slow walk through the Mediterranean.

Visiting with friends, I was almost sure that they would enjoy it. Surprised that I’d never ventured to the project before, I explained that St Austelle should be called St Awful and that’s probably the reason why I haven’t been there before.

The day started with a brief train journey then catching a bus ready to transfer you, we then had to wait in line for about ten minutes. The tickets were a reasonable price to pay and also gaining a years free pass along with it, not too bad really for a student.

Entering Eden itself and some much needed photos of us three in front of the infamous globes, we looked in the first garden leading to the Egg Room. My friend Rosie, took pictures in every sight, taking about half an hour to get through the first part. While me and my other friend Ed, we scouted on a head and had to stop for Prince Charles and Camilla who happens to be the Duchess of Cornwall, to exit the main Dome. I was quite excited trying to catch a glimpse of them coming out. I had my camera ready, hoping to get a few snaps for on here, sadly not. Having waited nearly half an hour for these pompous royals, they just jumped into the nearest Mercedes and Landrover and spun off into the distance, not even waving to us or the school children above them, disgusted!

“The quicker Prince William is promoted, the better!.” A passerby said.

Finally able to enter, we were greeted with food halls, school exhibitions and the Egg. This big white egg did nothing for me whatsoever; everyone was looking at it as if it was Holy or something.

Moving on into the first dome, it had the warmest of air blowing through the entrance, enticing visitors to just stand in the doorway. Managing to walk through the crowds there were the rainforests of the likes of Bali and Indonesia. The variety of flowers and trees were phenomenal. The temperature was pushing forty degrees max, my friend as usual was taking pictures of every nook and cranny, myself and I decided to scout on a head looking for the next checkpoint. On the way round, I spotted a flower that’s now extinct from Madagascar but now flowering in different continents around the world. It has been responsible of curing hundreds of children of Leukemia in the pass. I was very impressed; even now I was inclined to taking a sneaky picture for myself.

The rainforest was a joy to see, the atmosphere was as if you were abroad, capturing the essence. After exiting the hot, hot, hot rainforest you were briefly caught by the adjoining gift shop and then took into the Mediterranean room. There was masseuses, kids storytelling shows, which were really aggravating when you’re trying to look around and its really warm with a mans voice in the background changing every second. However the roses were beautiful growing in vines up the walls and rows of vegetable patches that should be growing in Valencia, Spain. Both rooms were fantastic, great variety, interesting information and nice weather, I’ll be visiting again soon.

That afternoon there was sound checks and the Eden Project was getting ready to host a music show with Brandon Flowers. I have known them to have Pendulum in the past and Drum and Bass awards, so next time I may plan to go. The venue is a nice backdrop for shows at nighttime.

Taking a little train journey with a tractor, eco all the way that’s all I’m saying! We were brought back to the entrance not forgetting that I need to make a dash for the gift shop before we go home. I fell in love with a tiny orange tree, but its too hard for me to maintain. Instead I chose something a little easier… A cactus and a Venus fly trap. They are my favorite and fascinating to watch. Spending just under a tenner, everyone can afford.

Now my day was done, ready to get the bus again and train home. We had quite an adventure and hopefully and most probably surely will visit again soon.

Good Night


Talk to Skank – Dubstep event


If I’m perfectly honest with you, Dubstep has never been my favourite genre of music. So when I was persuaded to attend local event Talk to Skank instead of Frank, I wasn’t the most excited. Being swayed to come due to knowing the organizer and some of the Dj’s, I just thought I would have the repetitive beat in my head that sounds like construction work not music. However after the first hour Dj Lok Chi aka Hong Kong Badman joined the stage. Dropping hip-hop and Rnb beats it was pleasant to hear a different kind of music other than Dubstep.

As the night went on I found I actually started to respect Dubstep for the craftsmanship that surrounded it. These Dj’s have to put a lot of work into this, more than you realize. Before I think I was just blinded by the whole image of it. Kry Wolf, one of the main acts for the night funded the event alongside Dj Beno who organized it; he said “Talk to Skank was great everybody having a good “Skank” and no problems as all nights should be.”

Mark 1 who was the main act of the night had the highest of confidence of all, just sat waiting behind stage playing Solitaire on his iphone. The crowd absolutely went for it, jumping and stomping, the dance floor just kept getting more filled by the hour. A mixture of locals and students, everyone was there for just a good night. I can say my opinion of Dubstep has changed and will attend more events like this in the future. I hope another event like this will be on soon, we need a change every now and then from downtown Falmouth. Highly recommend for a great night out and in your budget region too, cheap as chips.