Come on, join the team!


Today I started my first week as a volunteer at the Heart foundation charity shop in downtown Falmouth. I have always wanted to join the team as I spend many Saturday afternoons riffling through the sale racks in hope of that special find. I have a checklist in mind of items that I wish to find whilst there in the next couple of weeks.

1. A pretty vintage cake stand

2. Sex and the City Season 1 on Dvd

3. Dress’s and many more dress’s

4. Chanel Bag ( We can keep dreaming)

5. Some coloured sandals with summer in mind

6. One Day book

7. Cocktail Recipe manual

8. China Cups to hopefully match the cake stand that I will definitely find

9. Leopard print Scarf

10. Blue heels

Wish me luck on my exciting finds. I’ll post a picture every week of an item which I purchase, it will be a challenge for me now to find the best and quirky pieces.



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